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 William Scipio

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PostSubject: William Scipio    William Scipio  I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 28, 2013 6:38 pm

Name of your character: William Scipio

Race: Human

Power level: 60,000


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Will was not born to riches, to a prominent politician, or anything of the sort. Rather, he was forced to deal with exactly the opposite. His mother was no more than a servant girl to a snooty, East Egg style bourgeoisie, and his father had taken off long ago, presumably killed by the drink after impregnating his teenage girlfriend for the fourth time. Though his mother tried to make sure William had everything she had not, his childhood was just as hard. Regularly the spoiled brats would bully or even physically attack him, safe in the knowledge that Will could not fight back without losing his livelihood. Every night, when Will came back home with a cut on his arm or a black eye, he would simply say 'he fell in the creek,' or that he 'accidentally hit a knife.' And every night his mother would tell him of the wondrous deeds of his forebears, how the house of Scipio had singlehandedly defended the light of civilization. And every night Will would wonder just how his 'spendid family' had fallen so far, that they were now the prey of the whole world.

Still, every day Will withstood this lifestyle, bearing the thousand slings and arrows of his tiny tormentors, growing ever more resilient. And as he worked alongside the rest of the household, chopping wood, digging, cooking, and cleaning up family scandals (the head of the house was rather... promiscuous), Will became clever and strong. Even if Will did nothing to the children directly, he and the other servants could make life a living hell for them, and the brats quickly backed off. Life finally seemed to be blowing due Scipio, and he was loving it.

Until his mother fell ill, that is.

It was a rather rare disease, with the only known vaccine created by Capsule Corp- at a price Will never could afford on his own. But bogged down with housework as he was, his and his mother's, Will could barely keep a roof over the rest of the Scipio family, much less earn enough to save her life. His siblings helped, but there was simply too much work to do on top of their own.

But knowing that the father had a few... less than savory contacts, Will burst in on his master's office at the age of 15, threatening to tell the wife of each of his mistresses- which had been dutifully recorded by the butler, who had become Will's surrogate father. His deal? Get Will into a fighting ring, where he could make enough money to save his mother. Simply buying the medicine would tip the millionaire's wife off that something was amiss, but this might just work.

One Friday night, Will found himself in the back of a van, bodyguards surrounding him. "Well, you'll get your wish, kid. Try not to die too quickly." Though he was terrified, Will couldn't help but smile. It had worked! All he had to do was survive, and get the money to save his mother.

When the group had arrived, Scipio asked what would make him the most money the fastest, his hands trembling with fear or excitement- he couldn't tell. Learning that it was weaponry, the ring with the highest chance of death, Scipio soon knew which emotion his hands resonated with. But he steeled himself with the thought of his mother, who had sacrificed everything she was for his sake, and knew he could do it.

He was taken to a room full of weapons and told to make his pick. "Oh, and kid? Make a show of your death. That way, there'll be more money in it." The bodyguard said as he left the room. Will simply gritted his teeth as he selected his weapons. You wanna show? Fine. I'll give you something you've never seen before!

Well, the audience had never seen anything like it. And they laughed. Uproariously.

Scipio walked out of the waiting room with seven swords strapped to his back, like the wings of a seraph. Clenching his fist, a nervous habit of his, Will strode up to the arena, where his opponent was waiting for him with shield and sword. And armor. Crap, they could bring armor? Well. Wish he had seen that in the room.

Scipio didn't even hear the introductions. All he heard was the starting bell, and that was all he knew. Using his superior speed and arm strength, he whipped five of his swords at the man, holding onto two. The audience booed, assuming he was just using them as throwaways. How wrong they were. The man covered up, using his armor and shield to protect himself. The blades stuck in the ground after deflecting, leaving the man to deal with the matter of the berserker before him. All he had to do was simply turtle up and he was fine. Apparently.

Reality had other plans.

At the moment the gladiator felt a blade strike his shield, two more ricocheted off his armor, scoring deep in the metal. Scipio had abandoned the blades in his hands the moment the man had turtled up, throwing them while grabbing two of the blades stuck in the ground and striking. And so the slaughter commenced. Though his form was terrible, though Scipio didn't know the first thing about swordplay, his athleticism more than made up for it, his hyper-agressive, unorthodox style seeming more like a storm of swords than any technique. The crowd rose to its feet as Scipio landed the winning blow, crippling the opponent and forcing him to forfeit.

After a few months of battling, Scipio had finally won enough money, having moved up the ranks into the 'professional league' of underground fighting. His mother cured, Scipio had no real reason to continue fighting, and so he returned his blades, keeping only Sikanda, a gift for winning his last tournament, and returned to a life on the mansion.

And was inconceivably, irrevocably bored.

It was the first time he had felt truly alive, being so close to death. He had loved dancing on the cliff's edge, knowing that he could fall any moment and yet never did. He wanted to go back so bad. He began to sneak out at night, practicing his swordplay, occasionally making his way back to the arena he loved to win- no longer for the money, but rather for the thrill of battle. This went on for three more years before Scipio began to count the seconds until he was off work and could dash into the forest, blade in hand. And so, on his 18th birthday, knowing that he was being selfish- yet unable to stop himself, Scipio promised he would send back all the money he made, and went out into the world to make a name for himself. Strapping on Sikanda, and retrieving his six katanas, Will set out. The name of Scipio would once again ring throughout the world.


Death Beam - is a lethal and powerful technique. The user extends his arm and fires a small, very fast, bullet-like beam of ki from his index finger, palm of his hand, or tip of his sword, which barrels down and pierces through an opponent. It is able to be fired exceedingly quickly while maintaining precise aim. It can also be used in rapid fire.

Earth Cutting Row - is a powerful, very long blade-like energy beam created with two fingers or a sword. Able to slice through anything, when powerful enough, it can split a planet into two halves. It can also be directed at several opponents.

Big Bang Attack - is an energy sphere technique. The user extends his arm and opens his palm, turning his hand up at a 90 degree angle (as if to signal "Stop"). He then powers up and fires a powerful whitish-yellow energy sphere at the opponent. This attack creates an enormous explosion upon contact.

Telekinesis - is a technique that allows the user to manipulate objects and other people with the power of their mind.

Wolf Fang Fist - is a technique of rapid, charged melee strikes empowered by a wolf totem. It is a unique attack in that no energy is directly expelled from the user, rather, ki energy empowers the strikes with incredible force. The technique is shown as a flurry of attacks that seem much more effective and powerful.

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PostSubject: Re: William Scipio    William Scipio  I_icon_minitimeSun May 05, 2013 7:04 pm

I like it and see no problems, if any of the other mods can spot something out of place I'll let them speak up on it. I believe Scipio will be a very lively addition to the boards! I'll let Cel and Gelth speak up before giving you the green light though just to be on the safe side though.

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PostSubject: Re: William Scipio    William Scipio  I_icon_minitimeTue May 07, 2013 9:50 am

Hi DreamEater! This is a very unique application, and I enjoyed reading it. You've put a very distinct and unique outlook on a character that could exist in the DBZ world, which I really like. Will seems very compelling, and as such, he gains my approval. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: William Scipio    William Scipio  I_icon_minitimeTue May 07, 2013 11:26 am

Welcome to the game. Wink


  • Character profiles:

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William Scipio
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