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 So you've died...

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PostSubject: So you've died...   So you've died... I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 02, 2012 11:53 am

Situated at a mystic point of the galaxy, where nobody in the living world is quite sure where, the Other World resides. The Other World is for all intents and purposes the afterlife, and therefore when the living pass on, their spiritual energy is transported to the checking-in station. King Yemma is the first to greet all recently deceased, and he has the heavy burden or managing the Celestial Bureaucracy, the institute that shepherds the dead. Here a soul will be judged on their deeds in life, and if they are proven good and pure, they may fly first class to Heaven, a massive world on the edge of space. But, if their sins outweigh their good deeds, a spirit is sentenced to an eternity of hell, which literally resides below the clouds, in a pit of squalor and torment.

So you've died... 535px-OWAirplane

Heaven: This is a blissful world that is littered in flowers and vegetation. Trees exist as giant oaks that tower parts of the paradise like skyscrapers, casting soothing shadows down onto a warm temperate surface. Waterfalls and pristine, deep burrowing lakes carve the Earth like glistening roads, connecting all parts of heaven into perfect equilibrium. The air is warm, and with it lingers a smell of lavender and exotic fruit. The spirits here are good people, who decided to live their lives free of bad deeds, and therefore add to the unparalleled bliss and joy of the world. Anyone who is granted access to heaven is indeed a good spirit, only problem is, what is there really to do here?!?

So you've died... 535px-HeavenPiccolo

Hell: In perfect contrast to Heaven, hell is dirty, dank and despicable. Where light shines freely, and perfect aromas fill the air in Heaven, darkness and shadows rule in hell, and the only notable smell is that of burning flesh and brimstone. The lakes here are volcanic in nature, and erupt in spattering spurts of blood. The terrain is inhospitable, and even the ground is angulated and rocky, making it impossible to relax. To add to the already uncomfortable environment, the inhabitants of hell are the worst that the galaxy has once had to offer. Here, bad spirits have resided for thousands of years, their anger brooding, and their tempers exploding! This is no place for a nice guy, but if you are evil, and you truly are sentenced to afterlife here, surely you can learn from the best?

So you've died... 535px-OWBottomPart

The Rest of Other World: Although Heaven and Hell are the most publicised of worlds, existing in the peripheries of these two dimensions is the rest of Other World. Where good spirits live in bliss, and the bad are tormented for an eternity, the average inhabitants of the Other World still need to exist. Here you will find employees of the Celestial Bureaucracy, on litter duty and deliveries, as well as the many deities that hold residence throughout the cluttered afterlife. Across and towards the end of the ever winding Snake Way is North Kai, a master of the Kaio-ken and legendary Spirit Bomb techniques. In the other direction, past the check-in station, is the Grand Kai’s world, a paradise for warriors who died in glory and battle, who are able to train with the best, and acquire some of the greatest techniques in the galaxy. This is not such a bad place, once you get over Grand Kai’s bad taste in music…

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So you've died...
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