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PostSubject: Espara   Espara I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 19, 2012 2:58 pm

Name: Lt. Espara

Race: Saiyan

Power Level: 128,000

Appearance: [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Espara was born into a world of hate. His family was as dirt, scum, not fit for as a part of the ‘great’ Saiyan race. His mother died during child birth, leaving his father left to care for him. His father, as some Saiyans feared, was over protective of his son. He did not train him to be a great Saiyan warrior, he did not send his son to other planets for him to train and conquer. Rather he protected his son from the same ridicule his father received from the rest of the Saiyan race.

During his school years Espara received scorn from his peers, most of this scorn came from his ‘classmate’ Escara. Escara ridiculed Espara, not just for his lower class citizenship, but also for his father. Escara thought his father was weak. He likened him to a Yardrat housewife. Espara always avoided conflict, after school Espara would run home to his father as soon as the bell rang, this only helped to further the verbal bullying during school. One day however when Espara had collected his bag and was ready for his run home, Escara had beaten him to the schoolyard. Escara was not alone either, he had brought two friends. Escara first taunted Espara before insulting him and his father.  Again and again he provoked him, but Espara remained still, his will unbroken, his body unmoved. This only seemed to anger Escara, eventually he lashed out in rage at Espara. Espara was so quick that Escara didn’t even see that he’d moved before he was flat face first in the dirt. Escara rose and again attacked this time with his two friends, they surrounding Espara and charged in unison. Before any of them knew it they were all writhing in agony on the floor clutching their injuries with what little of their bones were left in one piece. Leaving Espara to happily walk home in peace for the first time in his life.

For the first time in his life, Espara was left in peace at school. For the first time he felt what it was like to be feared by his peers.

Upon turning of age, Espara was drafted into the Frieza’s army. He began, like any other regular Saiyan, as a grunt. He was sent to other worlds in a small team of other Saiyan’s to dominate them. Espara finally got to prove himself when he and his squad were sent to a rather powerful world, well more powerful than the regular planets he was sent to. The other planet’s inhabitants were so weak, that he could have taken them out by himself. This planet however put up a pretty worthwhile fight. It certainly made it more fun than the others, more tasking. Most of his squad were killed in action. He tried his best to save them, but he couldn’t save them all. Eventually just he and his other squad mate Spin were left standing. He managed to save her, as well as wipe out the rest of the pathetic race on the planet.

Upon arriving back to his planet, Frieza questioned him about the absence of the rest of his squad. “They were killed by the inhabitants of the planet Lord Frieza. We are the last two remaining survivors.” Espara replied. “So, they were too weak to survive?” Frieza mused. “Yes, lord Frieza.” Espara knew that it was foolish to contradict Frieza’s statements. “And the girl. You saved her?” “…Yes….. Lord Frieza.” Espara didn’t like where Frieza was going with this. “You carried her back?” He added. “…Yes, Lord Frieza.” Was all Espara could say back. “Bring her here.” Frieza said casually, and like that Spin was practically dragged before barely standing before them. Wobbling on her feet, with fresh blood still dripping on the floor beneath her. “Girl,” he didn’t even know her name, “would you be standing here if not for this man?” Frieza motioned toward Espara. “No.” Her voice was firm, “Without Espara I would not have made it out, without him the mission would have been a lot harder, and I may have never made it out of there alive.” With each word Espara could only wish for her to stop, she was just digging herself deeper. “Very well.” Frieza said. “That is all.” And with that Frieza raised his arm barely, a beam shot through Spin’s body, ending her life. And that was how Espara was promoted to Lieutenant.

After wiping out a few planets, now with a squad at his command, Espara was gaining much wanted power. He was also gaining a lot more recognition amongst his peers. No longer was he disregarded, swept under the carpet, looked upon as dirt. He was gaining his family name some much needed recognition and respect. Espara had even been called upon by King Vegeta. King Vegeta summoned him to a personal meeting, where he explained that he was collecting the most exemplary Saiyan’s to be put into cryostasis for an indefinite period of time. There was no time to say his goodbyes, he had to leave. Boarding the ship he could only remember his father who was still waiting for him to return home from his last mission. He hoped he wasn’t worrying. He hoped that his death would be quick and painless when it eventually came.

Death Ball - is a powerful attack, where a spark of ki lights on the index finger, and once enough energy is gathered this spark may grow to the size of a small moon. When ready, this Death Ball is thrown towards the target. Typically this attack is used to destroy planets or as a last-ditch effort to kill an opponent.

Final Flash - is a powerful energy beam technique. In order to make the attack, the user draws his hands back and gathers up all of his energy. Then, he thrusts his palms forward and discharges a massive golden-yellow beam of energy towards his opponent.

Earth Cutting Row - is a powerful, very long blade-like energy beam created with two fingers. Able to slice through anything, when powerful enough, it can split a planet into two halves. It can also be directed at several opponents.

Exploding Wave - is a powerful attack in which the user manipulates their ki to disrupt the planet's geomagnetic field. With a swift upwards motion of the hand, this technique's user can create a massive atomic explosion that has the potential to cause an almost endless crater in a desired area nearby. Alternatively, the user can release an immense amount of energy in the form of a 360 degree wave, creating a massive explosion with themselves as the nexus.

Omega Blaster - is an expanding energy sphere technique. It changes from a small energy sphere into an enormous energy bomb of devastating power. Not only can the user control the size of this attack, but he can also power it up by launching ki blasts into it to push it forward, making it even more powerful and destructive.

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PostSubject: Re: Espara   Espara I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 19, 2012 3:18 pm

Ah my friend, it's good to see you're here! Right, there's no issues that I can see with your bio. I know you had issues reducing the size of your character's appearance, but that's alright. All in all, a nice fleshed out history, and I'm a fan of your move choices. If Celeria gives you the go ahead, you will be approved to play. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Espara   Espara I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 19, 2012 8:38 pm

Like Gelth said, there really aren't any serious issues with this app, so it is approved!

I'll move it to the Original Characters forum.

Welcome aboard! Smile


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PostSubject: Re: Espara   Espara I_icon_minitime

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