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PostSubject: Kale   Kale I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 20, 2010 9:56 am

Name: Dr. Kale

Race: Saiyan

Power Level: 1,044,500


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‘You’re worthless, and I’m ashamed to have you as my son’ - Are the famous last words that Kale remembers his father telling him, just before he left to be trained by the PTO as a doctor. Like every other lower class Saiyan, Kale was born into a non-extravagant bloodline, with a lower class warrior father, and a mother that worked in service at the royal palace. From an early age, the Saiyan child found himself repelled by the call of war, and instead attracted by everything technical and scholarly. While many of the children around him were experimenting with ki blasts, and working on their favourite choke-holds, this young man found himself building small trinkets and gadgets, for nothing more than the sheer fun of it.

Kale was always an only child, one that didn’t always manage to steal the attention of his loyalist parents. His father, a proud man of the Saiyan military, worked in the lower ranks of the army, raiding and capturing planets for Kind Vegeta, and ultimately, the tyrannical overlord, Frieza. The older man, when not at war, spent the majority of his time ignoring his son, treating him as a frail daughter, without physical talents, instead of the highly intelligent son he was. His mother on the other hand, spent the majority of her time at the palace, cleaning, cooking, and seeing to the royal guard, more so than caring for her only son. It continued this way up until Kale’s eighteenth birthday, when finally, his technical and intellectual talents caught the attention of PTO recruits.

Frieza lacked trained technicians and doctors in his numbers, and as a result, many of his elites were scouring his many territories for the young few who were intellectually gifted individuals. Kale wasn’t sure how the contractor found him, but he presumed it had something to do with his father. His father had probably been shouting his mouth off to the troops, like the lout he was, mentioning how his son was a worthless egg head, eventually, attracting Frieza’s elites and their attention. Of course, the young man had no intention of turning down the PTO’s offer, he accepted training to become a legitimate medical doctor, and a technician with one of Frieza’s elite squads.

During the duration of his training, in the following years, he acquired basic combat training, (which he supposed was quite advanced by the standards of the norm) and was trained as one of the youngest doctors in Frieza’s armada. For the remaining years that the Saiyan race served the PTO, Kale treated the injuries of some of the most severely wounded soldiers, and helped in repairing both weaponry and machinery alike, torn and broken by war and conflict. In all of this, the young Saiyan’s primary philosophy was that of humour. Whilst patients would recover due to his medical training, and technology repaired with his skill of hand, nothing greased and quickened the process like a good joke or two, even if the majority of the time, those amongst him failed to laugh. Although Kale was born a brutal, merciless Saiyan, he was in his own right a maverick to his race. He wasn’t very brutal, instead he preferred finesse, and he couldn’t be merciless, after all, he did treat all patients back to health… regardless of their bad humour…

After several years of service, the faithful day came when Kale was called to the Saiyan palace, by order of King Vegeta himself. This came as a great surprise to the young doctor, as his family had always existed below the eye of notice. Dubious at first of course, Kale eventually responded to the call, leaving his duties momentarily with the PTO, and meeting with King Vegeta himself. It was then that everything changed, it was then that the doctor discovered the paranoia that surrounded both the Saiyan empire, and the PTO. The King had been in political turmoil for years, his power greatly diminished by the tyrant Frieza. And now, he had to think about the survival of their race, before his suspicions rung true, and Frieza discarded the planet Vegeta and her people. The plan was to gather 200 of the most exceptional Saiyans that embodied the Saiyan condition, and everything that it represented. And, in cryo-stasis, these Saiyans would be transported to an obscured location, away from the danger of the PTO, and everything that could potentially transpire that would endanger the Saiyan bloodline. Of course, with deliberation at first, the doctor finally agreed to the request. Being shown to a replica saucer, like that seen by Frieza’s armadas, Kale lacked the time to wish his old life farewell, and was immediately frozen in time, forgotten from the face of the galaxy.

In the time that followed, King Vegeta found his suspicions to be sourly correct. This was a prediction that he could never pride himself in however. As the planet Vegeta met its end by the tyrannical fist of the overlord Frieza, and many Saiyans died in a hopeless resistance,  the Saiyan colony now rested in cryo-stasis, awaiting the day that their distant world welcomed them anew, into a universe evolved by time. And as the days continued to pass by, the moment finally approached that the first of the pods hissed and snapped open, and alas, the Saiyan race was reborn. Kale was amongst the first to breathe air once again, and realised now, that his primary concern of the new colony was as a doctor and technician.


Telekinesis - is a technique that allows the user to manipulate objects and other people with the power of their mind.

Solar Flare - is a useful defensive technique, mainly used to make a hasty retreat. The technique is performed by the user flying in front of the sun and placing their hands close to the center of their face with the fingers spread toward their eyes. The user then calls out the name and a blinding blue light fires out that blinds everything watching except the user, since they are projecting the light. Because this is simply a flash of light, it will work despite any gap in power between the user and the target.

Galick Gun - is an energy beam technique which, if powerful enough, is capable of destroying large planets. To utilize it, the user curls his fingers and places both his hands together at chest level facing the same direction (so that the palm of one hand is on the back of the other). Then, once enough ki is gathered, he thrusts both hands forward to fire a powerful blast of energy. The result is a powerful, fuchsia-colored energy beam that emanates from his hands and body.

Energy Barrier - is both a defensive and an offensive technique. The user charges their ki around them, forming a transparent barrier of either golden or silver energy. This technique can be used to deflect or dampen attacks or it can be used as an offensive attack, damaging the surroundings and opponents it touches.

Dynamite Kick - is a seemingly normal kick. However, once it impacts the opponent, it releases a massive concentration of ki, resulting in a damaging explosion.

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