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PostSubject: Rhea Reikon   Rhea Reikon I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 17, 2010 2:23 am

Name of your character: Rhea Reikon

Race: Human

Power level: 565,000


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Rhea wearing weighted gi while training with Piccolo.

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Rhea in her casual outfit.


Rhea was born to a very prominent family, the principal sponsors of the Capsule Corp, no less.  Her childhood was happy and carefree; early on she got a little brother and the two of them would spend most of the time playing. However, due to circumstances unknown to them, their parents filed for divorce very early on. The custody of the children was divided; her brother went with her mother and Rhea stayed with her father. Her father was a wise and intelligent man, eventually rising to become a consultant and engineer at a local branch of Capsule Corp.

Rhea had completed her primary and secondary schools with little effort. She remains a good and respected student, showing particular talent for natural sciences. During her formative years, she was not pained by many things. Her only trouble was the fact that she had not seen her mother since the day of separation. There were no pictures of her mother and brother in their new home. Because of this, her little brother had almost entirely faded from her memory, to the point that she wondered if it was all a dream. Still, she often found herself hoping she would see him once again. Regardless, Rhea was always a very sociable and active person. When she was not with her friends, she occupied herself with a wide range of hobbies – from reading to recreational Tai Chi. She enjoyed helping her father with his projects, often managing to construct them herself.  

The most curious and interesting revelation of her life was when she discovered she had unusually great potentials of wielding a sort of energy that later become known to her as ki. On one occasion, when she was cruising with her friends on a bike ride, they were passing under a particularly menacing cliff which began to erode at that very moment. The crumbling stones knocked them all off their vehicles and they ended up cluttered together at the base of the cliff. Then, a frighteningly large rock came down upon them. Without thinking, Rhea rose to her feet and met it with her hands. The severity of the impact and the amount of energy she discharged to meet and shatter it cracked the bones of her arms and joints in many a place, thus she had to be hospitalized briefly.

A young girl of 17, Rhea is currently proceeding with her high-school studies, spending her free time with a few close friends. She often finds herself wandering off to the outskirts of the city, where she has been exercising her newfound power ever since she was discharged from the hospital. She tends to cease after a few moments and drift away in thought, wondering which road is she destined to take…


Dynamite Kick - is a seemingly normal kick. However, once it impacts the opponent, it releases a massive concentration of ki, resulting in a damaging explosion.

Exploding Wave - is a powerful attack in which the user manipulates their ki to disrupt the planet's geomagnetic field. With a swift upwards motion of the hand, this technique's user can create a massive atomic explosion that has the potential to cause an almost endless crater in a desired area nearby. Alternatively, the user can release an immense amount of energy in the form of a 360 degree wave, creating a massive explosion with themselves as the nexus.

Omega Blaster - is an expanding energy sphere technique. It changes from a small energy sphere into an enormous energy bomb of devastating power. Not only can the user control the size of this attack, but he can also power it up by launching ki blasts into it to push it forward, making it even more powerful and destructive.

Telepathy - is a way to communicate with others using one's mind.

Masenko - is a energy wave attack. The attack is performed by the user placing both hands above the head with the palms facing the target and one hand in front of the other with the fingers going in opposite directions. When the user thrusts their hands forward, they call the name and fire a beam of yellow, white or orange energy.

Theme Song (optional): [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
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