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PostSubject: Gelth   Gelth I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 13, 2010 9:50 am

Name: Gelth

Race: None

Power Level: 77,500


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The void is without form, substance and design. It’s existence mirroring the universe of the living, the galaxy of matter and concrete. Life exists throughout the whole of reality however, even in the darkest chasms of the void. Abstract and intangible, an essence had brooded and seethed, devouring the flickers of life that once burnt within the dimension of the intangible. Its hunger grew, Its thirst bubbled below a consciousness of greed and lust, It had to expand, Its desire to consume what lived now unable to be contained within the void.

Through a tear in the void, created and magnified by the being’s incredulous starvation, It continued forth towards yet more unsuspecting prey. The rip in the fabrics of reality led the essence into a new universe, into a galaxy that exploded with vast, incomparable levels of succulent life. In this alien universe however, the essence approached a dilemma. In this unsuspecting, vivacious galaxy, life was… solid. Everything existed in form, confined to shape and touch, sound and smell. Life had beginning and end, creations outliving their creators, thoughts and ideas visible… immortal. This universe thrived on the tangible, on what happened to be. With Its incredible hunger, the essence could devise but one solution. To exist and be within this universe, It had to be He.

For hundreds of years He watched, His metaphorical tongue salivating in thirst for the life that existed within the galaxy. For centuries, the essence drifted throughout space, observing tangibility, learning, forever learning… coming closer and closer, within touching distance of His very own… existence. Life within this reality revolved around its own consumption and growth, life here thrived from the formation of ki. Ki was power, it was strength and ability to further manipulate the solid. Those who were powerful in ki, they were the precious life, the life it craved to devour. Changelings, Saiyans, Humans, Namekians… they must have tasted otherworldly.

Finally, after observing for so very long, the essence was prepared to bust into being, into one. Once the abyss that had consumed a galaxy of the living, now that essence had dissolved. His great might and torrential powers condensing and combusting, a life form of colossal proportion was now a single entity, small and alive. The power that had previously possessed Him, was desolate, replaced only by limited reserves of what the people of this galaxy called ki. To rise again, to consume the life that ruminated throughout the heart and the rim of this galaxy, He had to become strong again. He was Gelth, and he was starving.


Multi-Form - also known as the 12 eyes technique or Quadruplication, is a technique in which the user powers up and splits into two, then those two split clones into four. Unlike the Afterimage technique these are tangible clones not just imprints left by speed. The technique’s primary weakness is the fact that it divides the speed and strength of the user by four, thus weakening the user. The user reverts back to the normal state once suffering a significant deal of damage.

Telepathy - is a way to communicate with others using one's mind.

Telekinesis - is a technique that allows the user to manipulate objects and other people with the power of their mind.

Galactic Buster - is an immensely powerful energy beam technique. The user forms two bright-green energy spheres in his hands and spreads his arms out in a form similar to the Final Flash technique. Then, he throws the energy spheres in the form of a massive wave of energy at the opponent, inflicting a huge amount of damage.

Eye Lasers - are precise laser-like beams shot from both eyes. The potency of the Eye Laser technique varies, but most of them are very fast and able to nullify weak attacks and small projectiles, as well as cripple opponents and damage other objects. The Eye Lasers can vary in colour from red to a bright blue-tinged white.

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