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 To Kill a Legend

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PostSubject: Re: To Kill a Legend   To Kill a Legend - Page 3 I_icon_minitimeTue May 19, 2015 1:43 pm

The Commander's chest heaved with exhaustion as she brought energy forth from the deepest recesses of her being. Kale had been saved, though for the first time since their awakening - she was not his savior. He was safe, that is all that mattered. But - for how long?

Exertion and desperation bored into her strong facial features - all she could see, all she would allow herself to see was her objective - the crazed goliath in their path. But, as she neared the apex of her buildup, she registered a dramatic change in Broly's demeanor.

He had fallen, not simply out of the sky, but also out of his transformation. Hope sparked in Celeria's mind. What if he could join them? Given enough time and conditioning, Celeria guessed there was a chance Broly could master his immense power. But who would train him? She? Brokka? He had brushed them both off like they were nothing. Broly was a whole league, no, a whole universe beyond them.

"Mother..." - she finally heard him mutter. "... who am I?"

His posture and demeanor had changed entirely. For a moment, Celeria saw the child she had held all those decades ago. Her breathing slowed as she subdued the violent torrents of ki around her, while continuing her steady rise of reserves, ready to fire at any second.

"Commander." Brokka instructed. “Ready your assault. It seems this ‘legend’ has fallen.”

Celeria nodded silently. She stared at the broken young man before her and her voice rang instinctively, yielding an unwavering and commanding, yet empowering tone.

"You are a saiyan, Broly. You've broken the controlling hold of both your father and your unfathomable power. You are a legend."

Brokka listened without merriment as the Saiyan of legend poured away his reputation with each utterance of weakness. This was insane. What had that Doctor done to Broly? How had a monster of such raw power wrought such utter destruction upon a world; upon the universe’s mighty warriors, only then to fall prey to the bitter weapon of words? The General grunted bashfully, and sauntered a couple of steps forward to meet the Commander side by side. His head panned to meet hers as she reassured what now looked like a helpless Saiyan child, or worse yet, a civilian. Brokka sneered, but the unpredictability of the moment still kept him on his guard, and his power reserves at maximum.

“A legend is one word, a madman is another.” He hissed, crossing both of his bulking arms.

Then, with a sudden change of tone, the General addressed Celeria.

“He’s docile now, but for how long? Let's finish this, before I do it alone.” He turned from the Commander, and marched several metres away.

He took the time to submerge himself in his own strength, he would need it for what was to follow. Brokka had always prided himself on being a genius and true strategist on the battlefield, and although passivity had overcome this monster, before long he saw his deranged state returning. The time for sentimentality had passed, and he would allow the Commander a mere moment before they wiped this cur from the galaxy.

The Commander traded Brokka a somewhat dismissive but affirmative glance.

"On my mark." - she directed as she moved closer towards Broly.

She agreed with the General for the most part, but she knew she had to try. No doubt, Broly's power was raging inside him even now, threatening to engulf his sanity, but Celeria believed Broly was stronger.

She beamed with determination as she approached the fallen colossus. If Broly was indeed beyond redemption, he would be dispatched into oblivion. But Celeria's duty called to her to make sure whether there was anything of the young man left to save. The Commander stared Broly down for a few moments in silence. Words lacked substance, especially at times like this. Instead, she only wished to make her presence known and felt.


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PostSubject: Re: To Kill a Legend   To Kill a Legend - Page 3 I_icon_minitimeTue May 19, 2015 3:13 pm

Broly felt powerless in the seconds that followed. His onyx eyes, now free of hostility and hatred, bore with them an almost clerical innocence. This Broly; the man that held himself on his arms and knees before his mother and General Brokka, was a man lacking in ruthless intent, he'd already seen enough of that to last several lifetimes. This man was the antithesis of his enraged form, and it pained him to admit that he was the weaker iteration in more ways than one.

“Mother, what is inside me is no legend. I’ve possessed this... Monster all of my life.” His bare hands gripped at the dirt, and his nails broke through rock and debris. “My father... Paragus, knew of this entity inside me and manipulated it. He coaxed out my rage and used it as his own instrument, and when I was no longer compliant, he had me fitted with this.” Broly tore the golden band from around his forehead and stared menacingly down at its brittle design. Then, with the merest movement of his fist, it shattered into gold dust. “That other Saiyan was right. I’ve been a pawn all of my life. And that has cultivated the fury inside me.” He gritted his teeth, yet a small and ironic chortle escaped his thinned lips. “A Saiyan that is overwhelmed by his own brutality... It seems a contradiction of terms.” Finally, he gently closed his eyes and inhaled the hot air. This was the first time in an eternity that he had felt freedom, and what a shame that it would be fleeting.

“...You know what has to happen next, mother.” He said in a half-whisper.

Celeria took in Broly's words syllable by syllable until she realized this young warrior had spent his entire life in a cage, ensnared by his savage power and his manipulative coward of a father. For a moment, she dwelled on the prospect of having taken him under her wing when he was still an infant but she extinguished that thought. Nothing would be allowed to compromise her conviction.

The Commander descended on knee and extended her hand, cupping Broly's chin and softly motioning his head until their gazes met eye to eye. She stared into him intently, gauging his reactions and assessing the slightest indications for a sign of the madness returning.

"Your power is legendary. No one can deny this. Had you a worthy father or mother, you might have been able to bend this monster to your will." - she paused for a moment, exhaling slowly. The cowardice of Paragus still burned in her mind.

"But I am here now. I know you wish for death. Is this truly your choice? Because if there is any way to submit the beast, I vow to help you seize it, child."

He had a worthy mother, and she was there, on a single knee, pulling him back from oblivion. This was a sight that Broly had never been accustomed to. His father had preached care and family honour, and he had raised Broly to worship those things, yet it had all been a hollow lie. The young Saiyan had never truly felt the strength or compassion of family until now, and so he was grateful that these were his parting moments. He frowned, his eyes gently closing again.

“I can already feel the monster inside me rising, mother. He stirs like a supernova, and he won’t rest until he wreaks utter destruction on everything.” He opened his eyes and used his palm to cup his mother’s own. “He wants nothing more than to annihilate you, regardless of your innocence. He doesn’t care about betrayal, or family, and he WILL destroy you all if he’s unleashed again.”

Finally, Broly climbed to his wary feet; all the while he maintained eye contact with his mother. He wished so sorely that he had been able to know her as a warrior, and a friend. But, having her deliver the eternal respite from this insanity was just as much an honour.

“I’ve lived as a monster; I don’t want to die as one too.” He said, with heavy eyes, as he took several steps back from his mother and the now fully observant General Brokka. “But I leave this life in the knowledge that I ended it as a free man.” He smiled meekly. His power and perseverance to fight against the monster gnawing at his psyche was fading. All this time, his true slaver had never been Paragus, it had been the beast; the Legendary Super Saiyan, all along.

Broly spread out his arms, and opened himself to the full force of the both warriors’ attacks. They would need to strike with ferocity, as he could only suppress the inner beast for mere moments after an attack was initiated.

“Strike quickly.” He nodded. In this moment he had been reborn anew. “You will have seconds to destroy me before he takes over again. Give it everything you’ve got,” He finally traded the warriors a final glance. “General... Mother...” He gently closed his eyes, awaiting the end.
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PostSubject: Re: To Kill a Legend   To Kill a Legend - Page 3 I_icon_minitimeTue May 19, 2015 3:14 pm

"You won't lose to him again, Broly." - Celeria commanded, her voice stained with sorrow and bitterness.

Paragus, you coward. May you rot. - She thought to herself as she readied to take the boy's life. An innocent saiyan child, a potentially invaluable soldier - wasted on the inane machinations of a spineless fool.

"Never again!" - she yelled out as she darted into an upright position and tightened her back muscles, extending her arms to her sides. Her rage exploded within her, but she would not unleash it yet.

Her fists ignited in a blinding viridian hue as her energy seared the very atmosphere around it, giving the growing orbs a sinister black rim which danced along the edge of the maelstroms in her grasp. Her aura burst into view like a savage inferno as she began unleashing ki into the attack, sending thin forks of lighting through the air around her.

"General." - she growled. "It is time."

In a disoriented stupor, Kale pressed the ignition on the space pod. Suddenly, the immobile sphere fired from the ground, causing fissures to obliterate the soil. Then, he activated his scouter, which was hanging off his ear by a thread. He giggled to himself, his mind racing by the possible ways that this plan could go horribly. Life had been eventful since he’d awoken on that hallowed day at the colony, and although he’d constantly lived on the edge of his seat, if this was his last moment, he confessed that he’d do it all over again.

“Roger, roger.” He eventually responded to the curt command of General Brokka. “...Dick.” He finally said, just before deactivating the link. His grin instantly widened. Getting to berate Brokka without the incursion of 2 black eyes and a cracked skull, what a time to be alive! He could finally take that one off his bucket list.

Suddenly, Kale input the coordinates of the black hole at the edge of the system. Now he just needed to activate the nav-computer. Any second now...

Finally, it was time. The General’s body contracted as a wave of raw energy passed through his muscles, and encased his body. His golden aura danced like a chaotic nebula as he outstretched a single palm and grinned with contempt. He wouldn’t mourn the loss of this monster, he wasn’t as forgiving, or indeed soft, as the Commander, and he understood that all eventualities led to this moment alone. This wasn’t how he’d anticipated it ending, Brokka had truly wrought the difficult path, and had expected that he would have to pull Broly apart limb from limb. But, in the absence of any disposable limbs, he supposed this method would suffice.

“I’ll spearhead the attack. My finishing move will act as the leading point of the blast, and then you respond in kind with your own attack, Commander.” He gritted his molars together, and could feel static emanating even from them.

Suddenly, the torrents of ki that whirled like a hurricane around Brokka focused into a singularity at the centre of his palm. Then, a glowing-white spec of energy ignited in his hand, rapidly growing in size from a dust particle to the mass of a grapefruit. His Big Bang Attack would end this conflict once and for all. And this time, he would infuse the attack with more clout; more destructive capability, than any move he had executed before. As the seconds passed, the small ball of searing-white key grew ten-fold, until suddenly it was as big as Brokka himself. At this size, the blast rippled like a river of water, and hummed with the sporadic nature of a thunderstorm. This was his most potent finishing move yet.

Quickly, Brokka activated his scouter and gave the final command. “Now, fool!” He responded in kind to the mild mannered insult that the Doctor had frivolously thrown Brokka’s way. Suddenly, Brokka’s pod came searing through the sky, and continued on an upward trajectory. It was in that exact direction that both the General and the Commander would have to guide their assault.

Finally, with ferocity carried in his gravelly tone, Brokka signalled the end. “NOW!” His Big Bang Attack left his palm in seconds, and without pause, forced itself into Broly, it’s incredible might daring to lift him off the ground. But it wasn’t enough, not yet. Even in this pacified state that boy was still formidable. Brokka needed Celeria to act now and propel the spearhead of his attack...

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PostSubject: Re: To Kill a Legend   To Kill a Legend - Page 3 I_icon_minitimeTue May 19, 2015 3:33 pm

The Commander noticed the pod, but could not bear to dwell on its occupant.

You can stop this. You can win. You can save him. You can save them all. There is still time.

Celeria's thoughts ran wild. Again, she was failing. Again, a saiyan life was about to be extinguished before her eyes. This time, by her own hand. How many has it been? How many soldiers did she lose? The very soldiers she sacrificed her all to protect. The Commander bore her teeth as her arms began to tremble under the sheer gravity of the massive output of energy she was releasing into the orbs of her finishing move, the blinding light threatening to eclipse all around her, but she saw Brokka's attack growing and saw the defeated, resigned Broly consigning himself to obliteration.

This cannot... I cannot... allow... this... I must.. protect... I must... fight... I must...

Her irises faded into nothingness from the ki which filled her eyes. With every beat of her aching heart, she pumped her life-force into the massive orbs that had begun to dig deep into the soil below. The Commander slowly lifted off the ground, the orbs growing ever greater until they all but eclipsed her form. Her muscle mass increased twofold as every fiber of her body tensed.

And then it happened. The blinding flash of white light. The spear had been launched. The attack was unlike anything Celeria had witnessed before. As it mercilessly cut its path  towards Broly, Celeria's lips unfastened. Each deep, heavy breath brought her agony as the now colossal orbs threatened to tear her in two.

The images of Kale and Broly stared her down on each side. Bardock, Raditz, Kakkarot, Borosel, Zuki, Chaya... one by one, the faces of all the soldiers she had lost and stood to lose materialized before her.

I must save-

 - Celeria screamed out as she brought her hands together, unleashing a gargantuan wave of burning green ki that slammed into the white maelstrom, perforating through and merging with it into a single devastating force.


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PostSubject: Re: To Kill a Legend   To Kill a Legend - Page 3 I_icon_minitimeTue May 19, 2015 4:19 pm

The maelstrom of ki ravaged Broly’s complacent form like a flame eviscerating a moth. But, unlike a moth, Broly wasn’t so delicate, and even when attempting to suppress his energy, his muscles simply absorbed the brunt of the joint attack in waves. He fought against himself; he dismissed the anger and shunned the rage that bit and chewed at his ear, as he strived desperately to cull the beast. But the internal struggle was shaping up to be infinitely more dangerous than the one that currently ravaged his body. The Legendary Super Saiyan was quickly escaping, he could feel it through the gallons of energy that leaked through his contracting muscles. This anger, this impossible fury would not – could not – be snuffed. No matter how feverously Broly fought, even at the height of his liberation, he was about to fall.

NO! He would not die this way; he would not be submitted by the monster within. He was a Saiyan! A man born of the mightiest warrior race in the universe, and he wouldn’t fall to something as negligible as an inner demon. Broly detonated with sound as a shrill screech escaped him. As his muscles grew ten-fold, and his placid black hair erected into forks of dirty-green, he dived into the air, surrendering utterly to the blast. Suddenly, his body was swept by the overwhelming current of ki, and it rag-dolled like the merest leaf in the wind, and spiralled unabated into the horizon.

Somewhere inside, his darkness fought against him, but he was already destined for the end of the long road. He quickly felt the crispy cold embrace of outer space as his body ripped through the atmosphere. And then, the chaos of his bellowing cries was starved to silence by the vacuum of space. Now he travelled without a sound, his form a silent manikin of convulsions as two wars raged on: one outside, and the other within.

The speed of the attack was unparalleled, and Broly saw with bitter clarity the solar system pass him by, until the system’s star appeared like an orange hue at the edge of vision. But, as he lamented his final moment, and he accepted the inevitability of his death, the monster within unleashed. Suddenly, rage was his native tongue, and his aura ignited in green fury. Then, with eager eyes, he noticed the faintest image of a space pod directly behind him. Reaching out, and engulfed in fits of manic laughter, the Legendary Super Saiyan fired a single green orb of ki at the ship. The attack, misdirected by space’s vacuum, only managed to skim the outer layer of the vessel, causing it to fall uncontrollably into a spin. The pod then veered off, instantly disappearing into the black void.

The laughter, although snuffed to silence in the darkness of space, continued for a time. Its droning existed on the maddened image of Broly’s face, and it ran deeper, perforating his body and spirit. But the laughter and the insanity eventually came to a stop when the Legendary Super Saiyan was living no more. As his impossible power entered the event horizon, his body morphed and elongated, until it was a simple string of molecules. And what was once Broly swirled closer and closer to the centre of the black hole; to the singularity, where time slowed until it stopped completely. Here, at the end of space itself, was the eternal prison of the one once known to the universe as the Legendary Super Saiyan.

Broly was no more.
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PostSubject: Re: To Kill a Legend   To Kill a Legend - Page 3 I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 29, 2015 3:47 pm

The scorched-red sky of the volcanic world blurred into crimson lines as the small space pod penetrated the atmosphere. It took every fibre of Kale’s being to keep it together, and the inertia of sitting in the cramped confines of the pod was almost too much to handle. Yes, he was an utter shambles from Broly laying just a single hand on him – and he probably couldn’t make a physical contribution to the battle if he tried - but having to sit tight in this tiny box while Brokka and Celeria blasted Broly a new one was unbearable. It was just a waiting game now, he could do no more, nor did he have any idea if the two warriors were successful. To aggravate matters, at the receiving end of his scouter all the Doctor could hear was the grating of static. It seemed that the full frontal assault against Broly had overloaded Brokka’s scouter, and now Kale could only hope for the best. Even when he reached out with his senses, all he could feel was the fury of the Commander and General, and Broly’s previously unimaginable energy was eerily absent. His reasoning with the Legendary Super Saiyan had worked, he knew that, but in pacifying Broly he had left himself in the dark. What the hell was happening?!

Against all his efforts to stay fully conscious, Kale’s pulpy head drooped to the wall of the pod. At first he thought the atmospheric dampeners were malfunctioning, and he was beginning to defect the G-force. But then he realised that he had sustained considerable damage, and he was simply lacking in strength. The Doctor gripped at his lungs and searched his chest for signs of trauma. As his fingers scoured his body he felt multiple fractures and breaks across the ribcage. What’s more, there was the possibility of internal bleeding – he was running out of time. If he wasn’t careful – and he was seldom known to be – Kale wouldn’t be returning in the space pod at all. There was a strong possibility that he would die here, but, he’d already come to terms with that eventuality when he stepped in the pod.

Toying with the seconds that remained, the Doctor activated his scouter and activated the log. He supposed that he might as well make his own obituary. He didn’t really trust the others to do him justice, after all, Celeria wouldn’t include any jokes, and Keyla would get too sentimental – heaven forbid Magma do it!

He hesitated for a moment, hanging onto his breath with the very real possibility that it might be his last. Then, finally, he took the plunge.

“Hey guys... So, remember when I said coming here was crazy? Well, I told you so!” He giggled, his shredding ribs cutting into him as he did so. “But, seriously, I don’t think I’ve got much time, I’m pretty beat up and I don’t know if I’ll make it back, so I just wanted to say a few things...” He finally exhaled, his heavy breath condensing against the view screen of the small vessel. “First thing’s first, I never did get to finish that joke, so here goes - How many Icejin does it take to count to 10?... Zero, because they’re all too busy complaining about our size! Get it – because Magma’s so small?” He giggled again, this time the pain was strangely absent. “But anyway, I want you all to make it out of here, I mean it. You have to get to Earth, that’s where Freeza was heading, and that’s where other Saiyans will be...”

“Commander... I know you’ll probably never forgive yourself for letting me race into battle back there, but, sometimes you have to take your foot off the pedal and let somebody else take over. You’ve guided us for so long now, and I wouldn’t have been able to stand against Broly if it wasn’t for your training. But, I fear without somebody like me to remind you to put your feet up and take a day off every once in a while, you’ll lose yourself to your own duty. Don’t forget, Celeria... You are my friend before my Commander, and that has always meant so much more to me.”

He grinned widely, an image of Celeria’s warm smile – a rare sight – from the day they comforted one another back on the colony, stained his mind’s eye.

“Magma, don’t touch any of my things. I might not be there but I don’t appreciate you cutting my training gear into quarters just so that it’ll fit you! ... But seriously, stay close to them buddy; sometimes we Saiyans need somebody who isn’t one of us around to keep us grounded. And I know you can do that.”

And finally, it fell to his greatest challenge yet.

“Keyla... Does it really need saying?” He paused wistfully. He’d abstained for long enough, heaven knows he’d probably never have the opportunity to say it again. “I... Damn it, wait right there, I’ll tell you as soon as I get back home.“ He instantly cut the transmission dead. She would know exactly what he had to say as soon as he sauntered out of this space pod in one piece. Who was he kidding; he wasn’t going to die, not here. This young, unassuming medical expert had already survived the grip of Brokka, Freeza, Cooler, and even an inter-dimensional being-

The pod shook erratically with the sheer strength of a supernova, and suddenly Kale’s body was flung across the tiny cockpit like a mesh of bones. Then, the pod trundled into an eternal spin, causing the vessel to veer off in an unknown direction. The Doctor, quickly losing consciousness, peered out of the viewing glass only to see a dying, frantic Broly hurtling towards the singularity of the system’s black hole. He grinned, they’d all done it! Suddenly, sparks erupted from the small flight console, and the instant relief was replaced with panic. He didn’t know where this pod was heading – if anywhere – and how long he would survive in the vacuum of space. But, as Kale’s mind raced, it drove itself into an unconscious stupor.

Was this death...?
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PostSubject: Re: To Kill a Legend   To Kill a Legend - Page 3 I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 30, 2015 6:09 am

The world around her - sights, sounds, the heat of the soil beneath her feet all came together, bleeding into a homogenous haze as the Commander felt the muscles in her aching legs give and the blunt sensation of her knees meeting the volcanic rock. She registered the vibrations of a deep thud beside her. Celeria tried to move her arms, but to no avail. Her head felt like it was a hundred times heavier and even tilting it to the side in the slightest required a mammoth effort. Through the haze, she barely made out a silhouette, prostrate on the ground beside her. The cluster of strands of grey confirmed her suspicions. Her heart sank.

The Commander's head fell back limply and her cloudy gaze met the crimson sky. Moments seemed to stretch unto eons as her breathing slowed to heavy sighs and the pressure in her ears pounded along the slow rhythm set by her dying heart. With some effort, she twitched her fingers. Any other movement seemed well outside her capabilities. Was this the moment when her duty would finally claim her life? Was this the end?

"Commander." A hushed yet assertive voice, weakened with fear, apprehension or both in equal measure. Private Keyla.

No, it was not the end. - Celeria thought to herself as she grimaced strenuously, harnessing her willpower to motion herself upward and land on her arms which quivered beneath her weight, but provided a steady support. She coughed.

"Commander, I've lost the signal! We've lost the signal!" - Keyla pressed.

"We've lost the signal, Commander, instructions?" - she reiterated a moment later.

Celeria, still resting on her palms, weakly motioned her gaze upwards and to the side to face the once stalwart private who now looked like the very ground was about to swallow her up.

Kale. Celeria's head fell down limply as she gripped the soil, her fingers boring into the rough black rock. Her chest heaved.

My soldiers. My men. My duty. - she thought to herself, seething behind a blank exterior as her pupils dilated.

Powerlessness gripped at her like the crushing embrace of an Asterian python. This was impossible. Something had to be done. Something will be done. She will bring him back. How-

"I will tell you where your sister is." - she remembered Lord Cooler's words.

The codes! The black box codes.

"Instructions, Commander?!" - Keyla implored, her voice shrill with desperation.

"Your scouter..." - Celeria murmured in a raspy whisper.

"Commander?" - Keyla approached.

Although it caused her great pain, Celeria raised her arm and extended her hand in Keyla's direction. She motioned her head to the side and stared Keyla down.

"Your scouter, private." - she instructed in a low growl. Each syllable carved at her throat.

As Keyla passed her the scouter, Celeria had mounted it and punched in a code that was known only to her, a code she had gotten off of the main console at the PTO headquarters. This code could activate a signal in any PTO black box in the vicinity.

She picked up the sound of footsteps in the background. Cayenna, Chardok and Magma had landed not far behind Keyla.

"Dude, they're al- whoa." - She picked up Cayenna cutting herself off mid-sentence, her words followed by hushed indistinct banter that soon trailed off into silence.

Celeria only hoped she was not too late. A rhythmic blip on her scouter assured her otherwise.

"The pod is intact and accelerating rapidly on an unknown trajectory."
- she mumbled, more to herself. A tremor of relief went through her muscles like a ki wave. As fast as she could, Celeria removed the still active scouter and passed it to private Keyla.

"Get to the ship. Lock on the signal. He's alive." - the Commander's stare was even more menacing than before. But there was no resentment in her gaze, only determination and reassurance.

Wide-eyed, Keyla warily picked up the scouter and secured it in place, staring with bewilderment at the sky above.

"NOW, PRIVATE!" - Celeria ordered sharply.

"Yes, sir." - Keyla gave a tempered curt nod, displaying her own determination and resolve. She ran to the rest of the gang.

"Move out! We're going back to the ship." - she ordered in a tone the Commander would no doubt approve of, were she able to register it.

"But, what about the-?" - Cayenna pointed at the two fallen commanding officers.

"Orders are to move out, let's go!" - Keyla immediately erupted in a torrent of silver ki as she blasted off at maximum speed , splintering the ground below with the aftershock of her raging power.

Cayenna glanced back, focusing on both Celeria and Brokka for a few moments.

"DAMN IT! Let's move!" - She spat, grabbing Chardok and Magma by the collars and trailing after Keyla.

Instructing her crew momentarily sapped all of the Commander's strength and she collapsed on the ground as her breath became even heavier, as if the air itself was filled with blades that cut her from the inside.

Brokka. She immediately motioned her head to the side. Now that her vision had significantly cleared, she noticed he had not moved a muscle. Her eyes narrowed to slits as she observed his massive body that was no doubt being drained of life with each passing moment. He was wasting away before her very eyes. Although her own demise seemed just as imminent, she couldn't help but look at him. A mound of flesh, strands of thick grey hair waving softly in the burning winds. Celeria closed her eyes and surrendered herself to fatigue.

“You’re a cocky little bastard aren’t you, Commander?”

“Kill them, kill all of them. Nothing must remain, we must wipe this pathetic stain from the face of the galaxy.”

He is a monster.

“Colonel, we’re being overwhelmed. Do we fall back?” “No. We persist."

A deranged monster.

"Open your eyes Commander."

“Now, which of you will be the first to bow at my feet?”

A tyrant.

"Why so sentimental?”

“All that remains in unsettled business: you, and me.

“I’m missing mine; I think I’ll have yours.”

A degenerate, vengeful tyrant. A danger. A threat.

He would die, he had to die. He would perish here and now, she would see to his end. She would not even allow him to waste away, she would dispatch him herself. - Celeria thought, as she began regaining her strength and tightening her muscles. The wound on her vacant lower back burned.


“Paragus was right. I TOLD the Commander to kill you because I thought you were nothing. Your very existence marred our race, so I MADE her destroy you. And do you know... I would do it all over again.”

He saved me.

"I helped you because the only chance of survival each of us has rests in the other’s hands.”

He saved me, expecting a return favor. He feigned sacrifice. Nothing is sacred to this aberration, his word is naught, his pride is-

“For one-hundred and forty years I have fought tooth and nail for every scrap of power I have.”


“All of this I did ALONE, and with my own two hands.”


"You jeopardise us completely with your lack of control, do you understand that?!


Celeria's scream tore through the ominous silence of the jagged plain as the Commander raised her fist high, smashing it into the ground below. She dragged herself into an upward position, proceeding forward in a strained crawl. Her eyes were locked on the lifeless General as she primed her remaining ki in her left palm, her dark eyes beaming with unwavering resolve. She clenched her teeth as she made one final push towards him.

Placing her open palm flat on his back, she reflected on a time when the beating of his massive heart could almost be felt just by standing next to his imposing form. Now, she barely felt a pulse. Immediately, her hand ignited and she started imbuing him with her own energy in powerful waves, fueled by her rage.

Although her energy had drained to dangerous levels and the transfer was near its limit, the General showed no signs of recovery. His pulse has become even more faint until it seemed to fade completely. General Brokka was at death's door.

Her jaw unclenched and gave way to her thundering roars.

"Awaken, you damned BEAST! Awaken! Rise, so I can kill you myself! RISE! I COMMAND YOU!"

Commander Celeria.

Celeria's eyes widened at the recognition of a voice she had hoped never to hear again, but that was right there, behind her. All she could do was dart her gaze in the direction it came from.

At last. - The voice purred sinisterly.

The Commander stared into the darkness until it took shape and she picked up fluid movement of lithe limbs. He had come.

"One more step and I will end you where you stand. Do you hear me, monster?!" - She barked, her fury instantly ignited.

You are standing because of me. Because of MY power. 
- The creature hissed teasingly.

My aid has a price and I have come to collect.

Before she had time to act, a tremendous force grabbed the Commander by the neck and away from the unconscious General, sending her crashing flat onto the ground. Suddenly, all the air was sucked out of her lungs and Celeria gagged, desperately grabbing for her tightening throat, her arms leashed and restrained by unseen chains. The Commander could feel every nerve in her body tense as black veins bulged on the surface of her skin and her eyes glowed a ghastly pale green.

The beast's sadistic laughter thundered in her ears and as she attempted to raise her head with all her might, noticing the creature dropping to all four of his agile limbs. He was upon her in an instant, her waist clenched between his powerful knee joints. Celeria could only look on in horror as the creature ran his clawed palms across the length of her upper body, his tendrils trailing behind him with an unsettling grace. Finally, he wrapped his long fingers around her neck as he loomed over, his luminous viridian eyes boring into her skull.

You're MINE.

His tendrils wrapped her limbs into a killing embrace. As she cried out, the monster's jaw opened into a sinister grimace. Thick black bile began to flow from the creature's mouth into her own. It covered her face, filled her eyes, her nose, her stomach and her lungs. Her entire body began to spasm.

The weight had suddenly lifted from her limbs and she immediately jumped to her feet only to fall to her knees and wretch, but to no avail. Then the spasms returned, only in magnitude she never could have imagined. Her muscles felt like they were coming apart, as if her very muscle fibers were dissolving beneath her skin under the crushing tension.

The Commander crawled forward, her mind gripped by the chaos of this impossible situation. She desperately searched for an increment of focus as she scrutinized her gloved fingers and observed, to her horror, the skin on her fingers darkening and her nails warping into razor-sharp crystalline claws.

She threw her head back and cried out in desperation, only magnified by the sound of her voice apparently tearing into two voices that screamed in unison. The Commander brought her hands to her face, finding it was hers no more. Her features were exaggerated, her cheekbones and chin protruding at a sharp, unnatural angle and her brow bone bent upwards, with two blade-like ridges trailing down the center of her forehead.

The Commander immediately jumped to her feet and broke into a sprint. All her faculties were restored, and improved beyond measure. She would head for the volcano. She would end it in the flame. But she was stopped in her tracks.

You... are going nowhere. - The creature ordered from inside her mind as all her muscles froze.

She was instantly cut down by searing pain of her muscles enlarging and reshaping to an even more menacing form. Her eyes began to glow with a viridian hue and a similar grim light emanated from her mouth as she bore her elongating fangs.

Celeria resisted with every fiber of her being and transformed, arching her back and unleashing her full power.

"YOU WILL NOT HAVE ME!" - she roared.

If it is power that you want, power you will get!
- the creature hissed with aggravation.

However, the beast's tone was quick to change.

The question is, Commander... can you take it?

A cataclysmic explosion erupted around Celeria as her flesh began to tear in places, opening cracks in her limbs that burned bright with viridian energy as a colossal torrent of power surrounded her. The surrounding debris levitated around her, helplessly ensnared in the sheer force of her aura. She hovered motionless above ground, her body an unsettling formation of solid muscle, embraced by fragments of a visceral pitch-black armored exoskeleton. Her short hair extended unnaturally and danced in the cutting winds as her mind clung to its final bearings on the edge of oblivion.


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His Big Bang Attack had been one for the ages. Never in the history of combat had such a seismic finishing move been executed. The limits of Brokka’s Super Saiyan strength had been strained to breaking point, and every fibre of his being – his spirit included – gasped with exhaustion. His open hand, still outstretched, traced the crimson-florescent horizon as his body posture began to keel in fatigue. Prior to this day he had thought himself unbeatable, unstoppable even. But, as the last vestige of ki left his body, and his golden glow faded to nothing, Brokka felt more vulnerable than ever before. The goal for so long; so many years, had been to attain the legendary power of his race, and now that this strength was firmly in his grasp he was startled by the realisation that a greater power existed still. What was a Super Saiyan if not the strongest being in the galaxy – what was the point of such a being?

The General heaved with each breath he took, his tufts of grey hair falling over his pulpy complexion as he raised his heavy head to the sky. From under his wheezing breath he sniggered, the irony of the situation was not beyond him. This power was not enough, after defying lifetimes and planets to achieve it; it had proved inadequate after all. Super or not, the legendary status of his people had been found wanting, and he would have to go further still. If he alone was not mightier than Broly then he would soon have to be. But now everything had shifted, his path to power had been clouded by the continued existence of another – an equal.

Brokka’s vision panned until his unsteady gaze rested on the similarly distressed Commander. She was still alive, barely, and that was good. He wanted her to survive; needed even, because unknowingly even to her, she could propel him further. How had it taken him so many lifetimes to see it? Even a generation ago when he had asked her to join him he had done so in the knowledge that she would be a useful tool. Now, he knew that she was far more; she was the key. With Celeria as a stalwart competitor Brokka would continue to advance, his strength would climb like never before, and old mountains would look like molehills. Yes, this was how it had to be, and this was the only path to greater power.

Suddenly, the General’s final reserves of strength depleted, and with it his consciousness receded until the haze of volcanic ash and smog was an oasis of blackness.


With the surge of a resuscitating jolt, Brokka’s body contracted into consciousness, and the General’s black pupils were instantly alive to the trembling planet. He had been revitalised, somehow, and a fraction of his energy had been returned to him. He was able to breathe soundly now, and each of him limbs were lighter. He was alive, but he hadn’t expected he’d die due to exhaustion. He might have just been the centre of the most cataclysmic battle in the history of the universe but it would take more than that to extinguish his breath. With the force of his will, Brokka hoist himself to his feet. He might have been healed slightly but he could still feel the fatigue riddled throughout his body – he felt ten times as heavy as normal. He’d have to get off world quickly; he needed to make a full recovery if he was to continue to advance his strength. As he raised his head to scan his surroundings, the General instantly became aware of a visceral mewling. His vision quickly darted to the source of the primal sound till he was met by an unfamiliar sight.

A black abomination wrought with a mass of winding tendrils shrieked with the call of an alpha beast. The monstrosity was like nothing the General had seen before, and even Freeza would have looked tame in comparison. The beast’s frame was thick with definition, and each of its black bulging muscles was overflowing with florescent green veins. It was even taller than Brokka, and it gripped itself with its own appendages as if it was held in a giant cocoon. This being was like nothing the General had encountered before; it’s composition, its movement, even its roar was alien to him. Both of Brokka’s bloodied fists clenched instinctively until they drew more blood. This beast wasn’t here to play, he could feel its sinister intentions by the nuances of its screeches. This thing had come for his head, so he would have to take to battle once again. The only issue at hand was that the General’s scouter had long perished and he was unable to determine the monster’s strength. What’s more, he was far from rested enough to transform again, and all that remained was the merest dregs of his strength. But, a warrior of his standing never shied down to a confrontation, no matter how obscure it appeared. If this was the mighty Brokka’s last moments then so be it, he would dive head first into hell with his fists as the shovels.

He ambled forward, his legs drudging along slowly as if they were striding through cement. As he made progress, Brokka scrutinised the beast whose head was concealed by a mass of winding tendrils. It must have already taken advantage of Celeria’s and the others’ weakened states and already disposed of them. Therefore it appeared that he was all that stood between this abomination and total wipe out. His right hand, squelching in his own crimson fluid, suddenly illuminated with a small ball of ki. It was hardly formidable, but it was all he had left. He grinned, it was hard to imagine himself in such a pathetic state. How had he not only bested but survived the Legendary Super Saiyan only to be met by... whatever this was?

Before the General could fire his limited barrage, the beast howled. The planet below his feet suddenly ignited, and a simultaneous eruption of all planetary volcanoes occurred. Brokka crouched, his unstable frame barely keeping it together. Suddenly whole chunks of landmass broke free of the surface and it was as if the whole planet broke apart. The General grimaced; he really needed his Super Saiyan strength, what an inopportune time to be fatigued! With this type of energy output this monster would surely trounce him in this bloodied condition.  

Damn it all... he gritted his teeth in rage. If only I was at full power... Oh how we would dance.... A meagre amount of Brokka’s energy formed his aura, but instead of pressing on he held his ground.

Suddenly, his battle readiness faltered. The abomination’s tendrils slowly misaligned until a portion of the thing’s face came into vision. There, in the centre of a black bulking mass was a familiar sight. Surrounded by a tumour of deformity, and oozing with contortions, were the strands of familiar green hair. This WAS the Commander.

Brokka stopped dead in his tracks; his fingers buried holes in his palms. “What in planet Vegeta’s name is going on...?”
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Her muscles ached and trembled, torn between two forces. One urging to exert them and one holding them back. The creature that was once the Commander hunched over, drawing heavy breaths through her monstrous jaws. Every moment, every instant was a struggle, and if she faltered for a single moment, she felt she would be lost - devoured by the dark oblivion enveloping her being. She needed a strategy and she needed it now. There had to be something she could do. As long as an inkling of her persisted, she had a chance at victory. And she was bound to conquer this beast at any cost. First, she would-

“What in planet Vegeta’s name is going on...”

The beast's massive head instantly darted to the side, in the direction of the speaker. When she beheld the restored General, the remaining half of her face grimaced in horror while the other half gave an amused, predatory snarl. All of a sudden, the impulses into her engorged muscles increased tenfold and Celeria was overwhelmed as she took her first menacing steps towards her prey.

"No! STOP THIS! ENOUGH!" - she shrieked in her mind, but no words or sounds escaped her monstrous mouth.

“How does it feel, Commander, to be brimming with my power?” The resurgent facet of the beast said through a malignant snigger.

“This is what you wanted, yes – unlimited potential? With MY essence you can crush him; consume him. This is what you want, I can feel your desires biting away at my loins.”

The half of the abomonation’s face that resembled Gelth further mutated in swathes of black mottled flesh. The beast cried out in gratification as his impurity spread throughout Celeria’s form. With each passing second he consumed her, and her strength; her defiance, placated.

“Drain him... Do it. Hurt him...”

With a surge of amassed effort, Celeria buried her unnatural, razor-taloned claws into the volcanic soil. She needed time, she had to buy time. Her heart pounded in her chest as her gaze remained locked on the General. She looked deep into his mottled gaze, as defiant as ever in the face of annihilation. He was a true leader, a true warrior of the saiyan race. In his eyes, she saw his endurance, the burning flame of his relentless pride. She saw his power, raw and ferocious, even when breathing its last. In his eyes, she saw herself and all she aspired to be.

The beasts voice poisoned her mind as it rang sweetly in her ears. She wanted to crush him, she wanted to submit him underneath her, to carve her name into his chest and claim victory. She wanted to be upon him, she would be upon him.

She extended one long, grotesquely muscular arm in the General's direction as her ki began to flow, locking the General's bruised body in her crushing telekinetic embrace. She would feed on him, she would let the taste of his flesh fill her mouth until it was all she knew. She would-

No, not like this. Never like this!

Suddenly, she was able to wrestle a moment of control as she released her grip on Brokka.

"Not like this!" - she roared in the recesses of her mind. The beast's features contorted into a fleshy maelstrom of rage as it lurched forward, staggering in its tracks, but soon regaining its horrific countenance.


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Brokka’s beaten and exhausted form instantly became constricted as an overwhelming telekinetic force paralysed him from the neck down. At the very least this strength was illusive, where had it come from? Who was inhabiting the Commander’s body? And how had it managed to disfigure and even command a Saiyan warrior? The General could hear the conflict raging on in Celeria’s ravaged form; he could see the unknown entity fracturing and perforating the Commander’s previously formidable will. This beast – whatever the hell it was – was not to simply be trifled with; even he had to concede as much. And as much as he ached to match this abomination blow for blow, Brokka was no misinformed fool, and he knew that the only path to victory was through what remained of the Commander. Her will, the thing that had even denied him decades ago, that was what the General had to cultivate – it was all that could stand in this thing’s way.

“...Do it.” He spat, his onyx glare piercing the part of the beast that was Celeria. “...I would.” He traded her a half smile, before continuing, “I already did, remember? The colony, I showed you nothing in the way of mercy. I wanted to do worse than kill you, Commander, I wanted to control you; make you my own. And you know what, you would have let me too. Don’t think I didn’t feel you surrendering when I held you in my arms, just as you have surrendered to this monstrosity.” A full grin finally leaked across the General’s face, and he snickered through a heavy chest.

This was the only viable method of which Brokka could conceive freeing Celeria from this control. He had to empower her will; he had to infuse her with hatred, the very kind which she elicited only when he was present. He was doing what he did best, he was grinding her gears.

The beast retaliated with greater ferocity than she had ever experienced, clawing and cutting at her mind, tearing her sanity away shred by aching shred. Celeria's every moment was agony, as she was about to lose herself, the General and her entire crew to Gelth's hunger. Kale. Kale was alive. He needed her. They all needed her. And she was slipping into a quiet failure, the prison fashioned for her inside her own head.

Brokka goaded her. And as much as his words burned, each syllable rang with truth. With each sound coming from his mouth, Celeria's mind quieted until his voice was all she could hear and the beast had drifted away. As much as it wounded her pride, the General was right and, entranced by his words, she stared silently into the void that was the barren wasteland surrounding them.

"You would." - The raspy words came out in a twisted dual-voice, yet Celeria's commading tone was as distinct as ever.

"All these decades you waited, frozen in time, to one day claim vengeance against him for leaving you and your team for dead. DO IT, give in to your hunger for revenge. Let me in, give yourself over, you're so close... You can feel me closer to your mind than ever..." The monster slithered, each second coming closer to consuming the Commander whole.

"Beast. For all your time in my mind, you know naught of victory." - she whispered to him, coldly.

As the creature raged unabated, Celeria poured the entirety of the remnants of herself into her words.

"And I would follow you, General Brokka. It would be my greatest honor to follow you unto the edges of universe. Carve a bloody path in your name, and that of our glorious race." - Her mangled, yet dignified voice continued.

"I would want nothing more than to bring the universe to heel. But now? Now, I want to end you. I will end you." - She paused and looked at her mutated, clawed hand.

"But not like this." - She clenched her hand into a fist as a bright viridian ball of ki ignited and danced around her palm.

The conceited mask that Brokka wore so antagonistically instantly became perforated at the Commander’s response. What remained in Brokka was a cocktail of disillusionment and revelation, as the remaining facet of Celeria confessed her base desires to the General. A surge of vigour instantly revitalised Brokka, and his lumbered limbs began to twinge below the awesome might of the beast’s paralysis. His memory was instantly awash by the moment after Operation Outbound, when Celeria had refused his offer to join him in search of power. Now, her true motives were revealed, she had coveted that place by his side all along, he couldn’t suppress a grin if he tried. So, when a warrior was stripped bare; when their ki, their strength, and even their freedom was held under duress, this is what remained – truth. Another twinge of strength ignited in Brokka’s core, he was one step closer to freedom.

Next, the General attended to the other aspect of Celeria, the beast of which he knew nothing about. The swathes of corruption that festered on its features were sickening; it nearly caused Brokka, with his hardened disposition, to recoil in disgust. But he wouldn’t give the monstrosity the satisfaction of his revulsion. Instead, the General burned holes through the beast with his glare of steel, his resolve emptying the monster of its initial threat.

“You hear that?” He sniggered, his laughter reverberating in his throat. “You inhabited her body; you even took control of the majority of her mind and still she will not yield to you.” The General shook his head mockingly from side to side, “But she would join me willingly... How about that?”

Suddenly, Brokka closed his eyes and focused what little might he had into the centre of his being. His every fibre bled from the previous battle, and adrenaline and dregs of energy were all that was keeping him conscious. But, within him he could feel the very strength that ignited when Turles pushed him to the edge of his boundaries and beyond. His Saiyan might will would not surrender to the confines of this constriction; it would not yield to anything less than himself. Ki meant nothing to a Saiyan when defiance ruled his heart and soul! He didn’t need rivers of energy to set him free, he just needed the power of his own resolve!

Suddenly, something snapped, and there was an awakening in the General like he had seldom felt before. A rush of energy trundled around his body like a typhoon assaulting a tornado. His muscles contracted with the flow of rekindled energy, and his aura exploded, breaking the confines of his imprisonment. All the while he remained silent, his cold, meticulous stare telling the beast everything it needed to know about the unstoppable fury of the Saiyans. Then, as the moment was prolonged, and the standoff intensified, the General reached out with a hand towards the lucid facet of Celeria’s being. Finally, he met her transfixed gaze.

“Join me then. Break free, Celeria.” His tone was as commanding as it was reassuring. If she would truly follow him into battle then she would break the hold of whatever this freak was. But, Brokka already knew the outcome.

The sound of her name passing through his lips and into her mind was like fuel to the flame.  She scrutinized the deep lines on his chiseled features, scarred by war. Celeria kept his gaze for a few fleeting moments, allowing herself to indulge in what might have been. Yet, yielding was another luxury she could not afford. Not now, not ever. Still cupping the ki in her palm, she moved her hand away, not breaking their locked eyes as her brows furrowed with determination.

"I serve no one." - she muttered coldly as she ignited the ki and slammed her clenched fist directly into her abdomen. A thundering explosion shook the very foundations of the ground they stood on as her overwhelming energy burst forth in all directions, scarring the earth and crushing the rubble beneath her feet into fine dust.

Her monstrous features disintegrated into nothingness as red hot blood dripped from her soft lips, evaporating upon contact with the scorched soil. She met the ground in a forceful, blunt thud which rattled her aching muscles and her strained bones. As she lay on her side, bruised and bare, the tiny stream of blood at the corner of her lips renewed with each heavy breath she took. Her will was triumphant. Commander Celeria had won. But, at what cost?

The frantic laughter of the abomination flooded Brokka’s hearing as the Commander drove a fist of her own ki directly into her essence. The beast continued unabated, its chortling callous and unrestricted, even as its features began to melt away under the blaze of the emerald blast. Instantly, the shattered volcanic world became alive with light, as a square mile of earth flattened under the force of a colossal crater. The General shielded himself from the fallout of the blast – no doubt amplified by the incineration of the beast – but as fast as his energy had returned to him, he was again running on empty. Finally, the viridian hue subsided, and the tattered world permeated with only magma and smoke. Brokka was surprised that the foundations of this world had lasted so long. As the smoke began to clear, Celeria’s final words reverberated in the recesses of his mind.

“Of course not.” He murmured, his coarse voice diminishing all signs of resignation.

With little but his semi-consciousness to spare him on, Brokka descended into the giant blast crater. There, huddled into a mesh was the remains of the Commander, still alive, it seemed.
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Her hands twitched and each breath was agony, sending a shudder down her compromised spine. The Commander's pale skin contrasted with the blackness of the scorched earth and the crimson hue of her warm blood pooling beneath her imposing form. Her life force persisted with unnatural might and she felt her faculties returning to her rapidly. The rate was nothing short of alarming and she could not bring herself to think what the next trial might bring. She needed to end this now, she could not afford to compromise her crew a second time. But the horrific pain accompanying her every breath seemed nothing compared to the effort she needed to employ to merely move her fingers. Her adrenaline peaked as her uncertain future hung in the air, beneath an ominous dark sky.

Then, she registered footsteps.

The loins of the planet spewed what little energy they had left. This world was on the brink, and soon, just like Broly; just like the creature, it would crumble in the void. Unsurprisingly, what remained even after a legend and an abomination had been cast into oblivion were General Brokka and Commander Celeria. A pattern was beginning to develop, and Brokka wasn’t altogether sure that he disapproved of it. No matter what came their way; no matter how violent, formidable and legendary, these warriors continued to survive.

But, the future was now in flux, and the General was uncertain what would happen next. As he touched down on the blast crater, Celeria’s battered figure became increasingly clearer. Her armour was utterly tattered, and her skin and muscle tissue was torn and pulpy with extensive tissue damage across her chest where her own blast had hit. He remembered her desire to end him, and that kept him vigilant, but he knew in this condition neither warrior could satisfy the call of battle.

The General slowly ambled over to the Commander, and with each step his remaining energy reserves rapidly depleted. As he got within a stone’s throw of Celeria, Brokka realised that his right arm was broken, and his shoulder blade was partially erupted. He was effectively a walking coma.

“What inhabited you? Tell me.” He growled, his voice crackling, a sign that his lungs had been punctured.

Squinting on one eye, Celeria raised her weakened, yet defiant gaze to meet him. He towered above her, yet the fact caused her no discomfort. Their victories had inflicted their toll upon them with equal severity.

"It was..."
- she attempted to speak, but began to cough violently. The blood that had accumulated in her throat choked her, yet she couldn't summon enough force to turn herself over. Each cough caused even more blood to rush into her throat, but she managed to clear it at least sufficiently to breathe.

Brokka scrutinised Celeria’s waning face as her words were cut short by an uncontrollable bout of blood-filled choking. Her lungs would soon fill with fluid which would result in demise, no death for a warrior at all. He would afford her the luxury of being spared such an inadequate end. The General took to one knee, and as he reached the Commander’s own eye level, above his left eye began to trickle with blood, forcing him to close it indefinitely. At a struggle, he managed to grab Celeria from under her arm and prop her up, so she was standing against a jagged rock formation.

“I’m listening.” He voice raspy and weakened.

The Commander couldn't help but feel that indignation stung more than her tattered flesh as he propped her up. Initially, her legs felt like they would give in mere seconds, but her strength was returning rapidly, thus she was able to remain standing with little effort.

"On the colony. It was Vegeta. I had found him on a neighboring moon. He spat in my face and extinguished my existence. I was no more a challenge to him then than Arlians had been to us. I should have died on that moon, but I didn't."

She focused her gaze, searing with intent, upon him.

"I came back, imbued by the power of this thing. The doctor could not determine what it is and I know even less.  It is inside of me. It keeps me alive. And now I know its sinister purpose."

So, Prince Vegeta had survived after all. The implications of this news were far-reaching, after all, it meant more of their species could be out there, thriving, dominating the stars. Brokka had imagined that the colony had marked the last of the Saiyan race, but now it was a possibility that his people were thriving elsewhere. His entire purpose for being, the reason for which he had procured the Tree of Might, and ultimately his Super Saiyan power, was so that he could preserve his species in the annals of universal greatness. But first, Prince Vegeta would have to fall.

Brokka’s deliberations were sidetracked, however, as the Commander regaled him with details of this beast. His mind raced with possibilities as she described the peculiar nature of her symbiosis with the abomination. Brokka’s stare stripped the Commander bare as she spoke, and as each piece of the puzzle fell into place the picture became whole. She could not die, not while this entity encompassed her life-force. It was enough to drive the General to envy, but he stopped short of the goalpost when he recognised that the abomination was trying to consume her. He grinned, his mind filled with a mixture of contempt and curiosity. On one hand he had strived to be immortalised for over two-hundred years, and yet this wet behind the ears Commander had beaten him to it. On the other, she was captive in her own form while this beast waited until the next time she was weak enough to be consumed whole. He concluded that the drawbacks of this condition more than nullified the benefits.

Her eyes were unwavering.

"Even now, my strength is returning faster than you can imagine." - she paused ominously, as her eyes narrowed with insistence.

"I will not die like that, I refuse!" - she growled.

Suddenly, Celeria’s cold, battered hand intertwined with Brokka’s own, and for a second the General’s old passions ignited anew.

Without warning, she pulled him in close with remarkable strength for one in her condition and drove his hand deep into her flesh. As her organs struggled to accommodate his massive palm, she employed colossal effort and restraint, placing it within the center of her chest cavity swiftly, and with surgical precision within a fraction of a second. She threw her head back and a deep groan escaped her lips, provoked by the blinding pain. She wrestled a few heavy breaths out of her failing lungs as she focused her eyes on his face once more.

"My duty... is finished. Do it. End me now or I will execute you this instant. Do you understand me, Brokka?"
- she ordered her voice hushed with suffering, yet as commanding as ever.

How given twenty-four hours earlier he would have responded differently to this situation. But now, in light of recent revelations, this anomalous Commander that was a potential equal was too valuable to attempt to destroy.

Brokka’s onyx gaze buried into Celeria’s, and as she literally forced his hand with the threat of destruction, a measured smile crawled up his cheeks. Then, ebbing gently to the side, the General slowly leaned in and placed his bruised but warm lips to her ear, and whispered.

“Why would I do that? You’re too fun to kill...” The heat of his breath brushed against her nape as he paused in satisfaction. “Even if I tried, you’ve said it yourself already, you’re unable to die. But, failing that, even if that is an exaggeration, I’ve got no desire to kill you now, Commander.” Finally, Brokka pulled his lips from the Commander’s ear and re-engaged her in a prolonged exchange of gazes. “After what we’ve faced today, I can see the benefits to keeping you around.” His grin lingered, and finally the fist that gripped onto her beating organ relinquished, and the General took a step back.

Her eyes widened with surprise. She was nothing short of stunned as the General who had made her death a priority mere hours ago professed he would not kill her. Was he mad? Did the fight with Broly compromise his sanity? The Commander's fury ignited.

Tightening her hand into a fist, she lunged forward and bored her knuckles deep into his cheek, sending him staggering. Her eyes were wide open, burning with focused outrage and instances of sensations emerging from their generation-long grave.

"You... are a fool." - she hissed under her breath.

The General’s cheek gashed open, gushing with an explosion of blood as the last of Celeria’s energy was concentrated into a whimsical assault, right before she finally lost consciousness. He grinned, and he staggered back, the wind utterly taken out of his sails. He would have fallen down himself, surrendering to the throes of unconsciousness, if it were not for the imminent oblivion about to consume the entire planet. As she plummeted to the scorched surface, Brokka gripped her by the by the shoulder blade and hoisted her into his arms. Then, looking down at her he grunted.

“That one was free.” He uttered, referring to the trickling gash on his cheek.

Finally, with the last of his energy, General Brokka fired into the roaring skies, towards whatever the next challenge would bring.


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