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 A Shriek in the Darkness.

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PostSubject: A Shriek in the Darkness.   Sun Jun 15, 2014 1:00 pm

The Architect was closely surveying the statistics. The slow pulse of the meters was music to her ears. The ore production was proceeding at a more than satisfactory rate. The synapses of her many physical copies had worked in perfect unison after numerous cycles of successful use. Slowly but surely, the organic formation she had settled in was beginning to take shape of a vessel capable enough to sustain all of her units as well as the being she had recently acquired.

She had conducted parallel diagnostics on its DNA, garnering results that perplexed her synthetic mind. The creature's molecular makeup was still a mystery, as its particles did not follow the patterns already witnessed in the analysis of previous specimens from this galactic quadrant. It appeared that there was a prospect of harnessing infinite energy from this life form, yet the means to do so remained elusive. An alliance of sorts would have to be maintained for the time-being. The calculations also reported in favor - this being would not prove obsolete for a good while to come.

She would turn her processing power to garnering resources and the ongoing construction. As she switched and upped the control systems, she was alerted by a report from one of her replicas. A noise, coming from the creature's chamber. She recognized distinct notes of anger, perhaps even desperation. The variations in pitch offered no room for miscalculation. Something was amiss and required remediation.

A replica, clad in a long red dress composed of superior nanomaterials slowly made her way down the corridor towards the chamber. She had opened the heavy gate with ease. The creature's chamber was a vast cavern, with ominous stalactite crystals descending down from the darkness, pierced only by light-emitting diodes. She had implemented complex technology in the corners and crevices of the chamber so as to observe her guest, but to her dismay, something about his energy had disabled the displays, forcing her to reinforce other variants of surveillance. She did not have a clear visual confirmation of him - all she had to direct her was an energy signature.

She spoke with a very organic voice, but her lifeless intonation would undoubtedly sound very eerily off to any organic speaker.

"You are troubled. I am here to assist."


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True Villain
True Villain

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PostSubject: Re: A Shriek in the Darkness.   Mon Jun 16, 2014 11:13 am

The darkness clung to Gelth like paint stuck to a wall. Here, in this labyrinthine space vessel that his new 'companion' had constructed, the Beast could fully realise his hunger to consume life. The shadows within his quarters were representative of the void in which he had originally derived. Here in this grotto he felt nothing but a primal desire to paint the entire universe with the darkness. The Monster's essence curdled and groaned in the pitch black recesses of this ship, and the only conceivable remedy to this hunger was to dye every living thing with his darkness.

They whispered and giggled, they never stopped. Always murmuring in the utter silence their want to satiate an unquenchable appetite. His tendrils were more than just tooth and jaw, they had grown quite beautifully into Gelth's children. Each danced at his side like innocent babes, pleading and begging their father for just one more feed. He sympathised with their plea, after all their starvation motivated the most inner caverns of the Beast to paralyse the entire galaxy in his grip.

He waited now, in the chaotic silence, clinging to the corner of his quarters where the ceiling met the walls. He preyed down on his 'room' like an arachnid stalking docile prey. Gelth could only suspend his hunger for so long, he needed that infernal appliance of nuts and bolts to take him to a world saturated in life immediately. The starvation ate at him, gnawing and gnawing him into lunacy. Soon he would devolve into little more than primal desire, he was sure. It was far past the time to hunt.

As the Beast attempted to pry himself from his lurch in the shadows, his wretched mind cried out in agony. His florescent green eyes intensified in their glow until his quarters were fully sheathed in an emerald hue. A hiss escaped him through gritted fangs, the sound was more akin to a reptile than it was a sentient life form. Something incomprehensible was transpiring, and it could only be one terrible thing. Gelth jumped from the wall and stalked to the ground like a predator. His claws bore into the organic-type fabrics of the ships interior as he gripped at his cranium.

She was being annihilated and sucked into the void. Celeria was falling away, something was dragging her out of his grasp. She was dying, but that was impossible, not whilst he maintained symbiosis with her. Gelth expanded his energy field reflexively, and pulled Celeria's essence towards his own. She was immortal whilst he had her in his claws, entirely indestructible. Her death and suffering were reserved only for one being, and that creature dwelled in this very ship. After an eternity of several seconds, Gelth felt her suffering simmer and her life relent. Her every fibre was his prisoner, and it yielded to him. The Monster grinned malignantly, his blackened tongue slithered across his thin, dry lips and whetted his craving. Suddenly the image of a male Saiyan burrowed into Gelth's mind, this was the man responsible for the crime against the Beast's prey. He was well aged, but visually very capable, his power level was very advanced -even more so than Gelth's- yet he was not capable of stopping the Beast.

Gelth's priorities were now clear. As his tendrils danced and screamed at his sides he extended his nails and stroked his children. "Hush now, we have new prey children." He instinctively backward somersaulted and clung back to his lurch in the darkness.

The architect, she was machine, and he had already been informed that she was capable of interacting with all interfaces. The Saiyan buried in the Monster's mind wore a scouter, similar to the one used by Celeria in their battle. All Gelth needed was for his new slave to interact with that device and transmit his location to them. There they would come to him, or indeed quite possibly beckon him. The light of Gelth's eyes diminished, returning the room to a cavity of darkness once again.

"You are troubled. I am here to assist." The Monster suddenly heard, as the Architect made herself visible, clad in the robes of an organic. She had to exercise extreme caution, emulating the design of life only further enthused Gelth's desire to render her obsolete. His fangs extended at the sight of his new servant, but before long he reasserted his willpower with the comforting thought of her cold lifelessness. She was ill-equipped to satisfy his hunger, she would serve a much greater purpose as a tool.

"A possession of mine has been compromised." The Beast frowned deeply, causing cavernous lines to gouge into his chin. "You will scan System Delta-2814 for the machine they call a scouter. Project the image to me of every owner of one of these devices in this system, it is of paramount importance." The Beast lurched from the wall once again, coming within inches of his servant. A stray tendril swooned about her figure before settling near her nape. "Do as I command Architect, the pleasure of the hunt is yet to follow."

His grin returned, engraving the Beast with an eerie facade of calm.
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PostSubject: Re: A Shriek in the Darkness.   Mon Jun 16, 2014 11:44 am

Proximity alert. The creature seemed intent on asserting its dominance over her assumed form. The replica merely gazed in the direction of the tendril, before dismissing it entirely. The creature, or rather, he as by all organic behavioral statistics observed thus far it had displayed andro-patterns, had issued a command. Performing this task would require access to the core itself, so the slender figure glided towards the station in the corner of the chamber. She had plugged in a set of wires into the nape of her neck and began typing away at a console, commanding the machine with both her fingertips and the sensors in her irises.

The procedure took several minutes, but she was eventually able to access old mainframes of something called the Planet Trade Organization, as they turned out to be the manufacturers of the crude devices known as scouters. The Architect was able to move about freely through the marginal PTO databases. She still lacked access to more sophisticated materials in order to improve her technology, but she had already managed everything she wanted to know.

Something was peculiar about the whole matter - the scouters present in that specific system were considerably outdated when compared to the newer models she had also collected data on. She had sent out a specific encrypted signal that would collect the information on the current locations of all those in possession of the obsolete model.

Presently, there were two clusters of active devices. One on a planet in the heart of the Delta -2814 system, counting some 50 devices and the other was in motion, no doubt a vessel, where the signal revealed a single active device. The display illustrated both clusters.

"The databanks yielded these results. I am presently unable to construct a more comprehensive report.


She had entered several more commands into console and four images appeared on screen. One was of a dark-haired young man in a white robe, another was a green-haired female, the third one was a grey-haired male with visible tissue scarring and the fourth image depicted a strange pink-skinned horned creature.

"I managed to isolate several names in the transmissions, yet only these four yielded any results. The databanks are either compromised or strategically erased."


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PostSubject: Re: A Shriek in the Darkness.   

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A Shriek in the Darkness.
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