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 What? Even The Doctor Has an Origin Story?

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PostSubject: What? Even The Doctor Has an Origin Story?   What? Even The Doctor Has an Origin Story? I_icon_minitimeFri Nov 08, 2013 3:46 pm

Kale waited out in the barren planes of the planet Vegeta, with little more in his hands than a carrier sack. He’d thought about it a thousand times before, and he thought about it again, this planet was really hard on his young and wistful eyes. The landscape was painted a dull and constant salmon colour, and as the plains receded into the horizon, sharp and admittedly ugly crimson mountains peaked high, dominating the skyline. Maybe this sudden observation had been sparked because the young Saiyan was about to leave his home world for the first time? And perhaps these final moments out on the surface of his world were his mind’s personal attempt to take a mental snap shot of his home? Maybe somewhere in that reverberating mind of his, he thought that someday soon he’d miss this big old planet and all of its terribly subtle charms? But when that time came, by remembering this moment –in all of its insufficiency- he’d realise that all he was missing out on was red grime and barren wastes.  

Kale inhaled, all the while trying to store a mental schema of the planet’s smell. Maybe he’d crave that sweet scent of mud and brimstone when he was gone? He smiled, his attempt to manually make fond memories of home was failing intensely. The truth of it all was, when everything was considered, Kale simply wasn’t meant to be born to the planet Vegeta. The planet’s charms had always been wasted on him, and in turn –and perhaps more essentially- his charms had been wasted on the planet. He’d never been much for friends, really, after all, everyone his age had been trying on their father’s armour when he’d been in his bedroom tinkering with his gizmos. His own father had never even had the same virtue of closeness that Saiyan fathers tended to have with their sons. Truth be told, the young Saiyan had always felt like an outcast, even to his family. All melodrama aside however, Kale held nothing against his father, his peers or the planet itself, he was just simply intellectual and open minded enough to acknowledge that he was chalk, and this place was cheese. His smile loitered for a while longer, perhaps like an unwanted friend, it simply made his mother all the more aware that he was ecstatic to leave. Maybe inadvertently he was creating memories for her, negative ones at that?    

“I’ll keep hold of your equipment, I’ll make sure your father doesn’t disintegrate any of it by accident, or mistake it for the stove.” His mother said, perhaps not emotionally but definitely without spring in her voice.

“Like the last time you mean? I had to repair Cerebra for a week…” When he said the name of his gizmo aloud, it never really occurred to him just how bizarre the practice of naming his machines was. But then, a lifetime of only bonding with mechanics would do that to a person…

“He doesn’t even know how to work the shower, it’s baby steps for him.” His mother laughed slightly, but anxiety still echoed in her voice. “He’s not happy to see you go… you know that Kale?”

“He wasn’t happy to see me stay either. Building AI that can help me perform reverse nuclear polarity was never something he really took pride in…” Kale gripped his waist with his free hand and frowned a little.

“You could have made an effort too…” Countered his mother, drawing in closer to Kale. In that instant a powerful gust of wind blew directly towards them, Kale’s brows furrowed and he squinted, his mother was unaffected.

“And the nurse outfit? Come on, really? He even went through the effort to wrap it… And he doesn’t wrap!” Exclaimed the young Saiyan waving his free arm about animatedly.

“Hey!” His mother extended a palm and slapped him flat on the back of the head. Kale frowned playfully. “He’s still your father, and when you’re out at the edge of the galaxy being trained by Freeza’s goons, you’ll think about him and everything else here. You might not be a soldier, but Saiyans draw their strength from their team, and an extension of that team is your family, and this planet. You might not appreciate it, but we fought so that we could call this planet our own...”

The young Saiyan’s eyes rolled. His mother could get really preachy at times, and her ranting about the Civil War and family pride was the worst of it. Of course, it fell short of Kale’s sympathies when he remembered that planet Vegeta had lost its autonomy quite recently to an even bigger bully than the Saiyans. But alas, this bully was his dinner ticket out of here.

“You’re right.” Kale eventually said. “And I’ll draw on you both when I need the power to… vaccinate the sick and bandage the wounded.” He grinned playfully, and his mother simply punched him in the arm. His arm immediately throbbed and he scowled in jest, but as always he was a little embarrassed that his own mother was so much stronger than him.

Before long the dark sky illuminated in a white flash and from nowhere a large saucer screeched through the clouds and began its descent from above where Kale and his mother were standing. This was the PTO Medical Corp envoy, and this was his ride. He smiled, and turned to his mother for the very last time.

“You didn’t have to wait with me, but thank you, mother.” He said sincerely. He had no idea how long he’d be gone, so he had to make these words as final as possible.

“Just come back in one piece son. You never know, the King may have use for a doctor one day, so you have to be the best.” She said with a hint of pride in her voice.

The saucer finally landed, spraying fine particles of dust into the air. Kale raised his hand to protect his eyes and dived towards the landing platform as it extended. For a moment he lingered in the doorway and took a long look at his mother. There she was, clad is Saiyan battle armour and carved like a deity, but beneath that warriors exterior he knew was his parent. Maybe there were some things that he’d miss after all. The young Saiyan raised his hand and gave his mother a two finger salute, but in that moment the ships engines hummed and everything rattled. He stumbled back and tripped, falling into the ship wall docilely.  The doors quickly hissed shut and Kale felt the ship lift into the air and take off.

Really? I can even mess up a simple goodbye?” He frowned and climed to his feet. Now it was time to find the welcome party...
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PostSubject: Re: What? Even The Doctor Has an Origin Story?   What? Even The Doctor Has an Origin Story? I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 05, 2013 1:41 pm

“Get up off of the floor kid, that’s for the rats and the interns.” A strident yet feminine voice called out. Kale looked up at her from the floor, he had been rammed to the ground by a fleeting group of soldiers. The intern’s vision was in a haze, (he was possibly suffering minor concussion) but he could still make out the turquoise skin and emerald green flowing hair of the woman standing over him. She gripped him by the hand, her touch was firm, but soothing, it simmered all of the confusion instantly.

“I am an intern.” Kale replied meagrely, he brushed himself down in embarrassment. How had he, a Saiyan, managed to be knocked down by PTO grunts? He frowned, but finally looked the tall robed figure in the eyes.

The turquoise woman smiled somewhat playfully. “Well then we won’t tell anyone that you’re standing up when you shouldn’t be.” Kale never laughed nor did he crack a smile, he just looked on blankly. “What? They don’t have jokes where you come from?” She looked down at his tail, but her smile never subsided. “Oh, that’ll explain everything. That must be your stick-in-the-mud.” She nodded in the direction of his tail, he looked down and raised an eyebrow puzzlingly.

“I’m a Saiyan, we all have these…” Kale replied, as coldly as possible. He’d been disregarded since he arrived on this forsaken rock, and his temper was wearing thin.

The woman chortled, “Yes, I’m a senior doctor at this academy, I know all about you little monkeys!” She joked, and Kale’s eyes widened in surprise. Of course she was! He’d been blinded by his irritation and hadn’t noticed that she was wearing the correct insignia. As the senior doctor walked off down the dimply lit hallway, the young Saiyan followed in her shadow, he watched as her long flowing cape billowed from behind.

“You! You’re going to teach me…?” He said with surprise in his tone.

“And you, you’re going to learn…” She retorted, continuing to traverse the dark hallways.

“I’m Kale.” The young Saiyan announced suddenly, rushing to step in front of the senior doctor. He extended a whole arm to shake hers. Instead she reached for his shoulder and pattered it with an open palm. The intern felt instantly patronised, his shoulder tried to withdraw from her grasp and he concealed a frown.

“And I’m Zeltra.” She stroked his shoulder firmly, again he felt infantilised. “But, you can call me Doctor Zeltra, just like everybody else.” She smiled, before moving off, and leaving Kale in her shadow once again. “It was nice to meet you stick-in-the-mud. First class is tomorrow at sunrise. Oh, and do be early won’t you? I hear the PTO soldiers string the unpunctual medical interns up by the underwear off the landing platform.”

Kale stuttered to respond to her before she disappeared into the darkness of the winding hallway “I’m Kale, m-my name’s Kale…” But it was too late, she had already faded away. The intern sighed, this was absolutely fantastic (in the most sarcastic sense possible). He crossed his arms and lowered his head. Since he’d arrived at the academy he’d quickly realised that this was a mistake. Yes, he fervently believed that he wasn’t meant to be a warrior, but now he felt that he didn’t quite fit in with the people of this world either. The young intern turned in the opposite direction from Zeltra and continued back the way he came, his frown lingered as he passed the other students.

Returning to his room, Kale looked at the four blank walls and grimaced. He stripped off from his medical bodysuit and quickly entered the small shower area. He mumbled under his breath as he switched on the water. He’d been here less than a week, and he was yet to learn anything, or get to know anybody. As far as he was concerned, he had no idea where he was in the universe, and he didn’t even have a window so that he could search for any familiar systems in the sky.

When did I become such an angsty teen? I’ve only just got here and already I wanna go somewhere else. Kale stood transfixed like a statue for a moment, simply allowing the hot water to wash over his face. Maybe I should just become a gardener? Do they even have gardens here? Come to think of, I don’t think I’ve ever even seen a garden… The young intern finally smiled to himself, he was in way over his head this time.
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PostSubject: Re: What? Even The Doctor Has an Origin Story?   What? Even The Doctor Has an Origin Story? I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 07, 2014 2:58 pm

"Welcome interns. I'd tell you to take a seat, but let's face it, we don't want you to feel that welcome." Doctor Zeltra stood at the end of the cylindrical hallway, elevated above the interns by an imposing stage. Her voice was projected throughout the Great Hall to each student through their scouter.

Kale was one of hundreds of interns who were situated into several single file rows behind a small workstation. This was the first day of class, and it was about time. Of course, the young Saiyan still felt unsure about his decision to study at the medical corps, but he'd already made his metaphorical bed, so now he had little choice but to lay in it.

"In front of you you'll see: a sonic defibrillator, a harmonic scanner, a viral indicator, and a shock probe. Can any of your oh so genius minds tell me what any of these instruments are for?" She spoke with a callous boredom, as if she'd given this speech a thousand times before. Kale only focused on the instruments in front of him for an instant, he was after all an amateur technician, he was aware of all of their functions, even the shock probe.

A small, orange and plump student raised a hand. "Eh, the sonic defibrillator is for, ehm... defibrillation, for example, during a cardiac incident..." He began to reel off his knowledge of biology. "It would be used during ventricular tachycardia, bradycardia, and most forms of arrhythmia." He grunted, obviously pleased with the response he'd provided.

Doctor Zeltra paused and pouted, eventually she found the effort to respond to the intern. "Wrong. Now moving on..."

"Eh, Doctor, I'm pretty sure defibrillators are instruments used to address heart-"

"Yes I know, and you're wrong. Moving on..." She huffed, her expression remained in the domain of bemused and tired.

"Well then, what is its purpose?" The intern said, obviously somewhat deterred.

Again, after an awkward passage of time, Zeltra finally graced the student with her response. "Oh my, what must it be like in your small brain. Tell me, do you have synapses? Are they in communication with one another? Or is your race quite renowned for being lacking in the cognitive department? Of course I know everything about your race, and other than a predisposition to premature mortality brought on by your kind's incessant consumption of potassium, they're quite neurologically sound." She casually stroked her chin. "You're obviously the runt of the litter..."

"I-" The intern eventually managed to say.

"Did you consider species who function with multiple hearts? Or indeed species who have no heart or central nervous system? The sonic resonance of the defibrillator energizes tissue on a single cellular level. In the absence of a heart, it defibrillates the entire cellular network to sustain life." She eventually grinned, "Don't open your mouth and exercise your vocal cords unless you have the complete and correct appraisal of what I am asking."

"I see..." He finally said, silence reigned in the hall.

"Oh, and one more thing, I want you to pick up the shock probe."

"Yes of course." He said in a rush. Quickly the plump alien picked up the baton like object. Kale squinted in advance, that was no medical device, he knew what was about to happen. "ARRRGH!" his scream was unmerciful for a moment, the young Saiyan redirected his eyes to the ground as the small orange alien raced with electricity and collapsed to the floor.

Gasps soon followed, but nobody dared speak up. After a time, Doctor Zeltra spoke, "...Oh... You all expect me to say something. Eh, yes, the shock probe is mainly used to deal with silly questions and answers." She smiled gleefully. "Now, can anybody tell me what the harmonic scanner does?"

Nobody dared speak, Kale could only make out the faces of horror. What was this place? A butcher house where the unwilling came to suffer? Had he known med school would be more extreme than a Saiyan training session, he would have definitely stayed barricaded in his home with his gadgets. He supposed however that getting on Zeltra's good side was the only real side to be on. He was pretty sure he understood the full function of the harmonic scanner, after all he'd build a makeshift one a couple of years ago to identify hardware and system errors with his tech. He hesitantly raised a hand and sighed.

"Ah, yes you! Stick-In-The-Mud, please enlighten us."

Kale frowned at his pet name, but bit his tongue. "Well, I built a similar one of these back home a couple of years ago. I used it to scan for inconsistencies and errors in my machines. It was pretty good at picking up database viruses too..." The Saiyan nodded, "But it is harmonic so it can detect biological illnesses or abnormalities just as well. I used it once or twice on my dad when he'd come back home a little worse for wear... admittedly, most of the time he was just drunk." Kale shrugged, that pretty much had to sum everything up.

"Well, well... It looks like we've got somebody who has two protons to rub together. Well done Stick-In-The-Mud. You'll go unshocked a little while longer." The doctor smiled and quickly moved on with her lecture.

Kale gasped, she hadn't tried to punish him? He laughed to himself in disbelief, maybe there was something to this career after all. As he grinned he looked to the left and right of him. Suddenly his elation fell away when he saw the resentful glares of his class peers. Maybe being right wasn't always the best thing after all...
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PostSubject: Re: What? Even The Doctor Has an Origin Story?   What? Even The Doctor Has an Origin Story? I_icon_minitime

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What? Even The Doctor Has an Origin Story?
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