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PostSubject: Borosel   Borosel I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 11, 2013 12:52 pm

Name of your character: Borosel

Race: Saiyan

Age: 35 biologically (give or take a several decade gap of being frozen)

Power level: 10,000

Appearance: A ‘tower of muscle’ would not be the most inappropriate way to describe this man, though you’d be vastly skimping out on detail. At over 7 feet tall, Borosel is certainly a large fellow, with a large mess of brown hair extending outwards and down till midway over his back. His body is indeed a heavy mass of developed muscle, often exposed from the waist upwards by a deliberate choice to avoid a shirt or even armour – though he will wear them if formality demands it. Otherwise his clothing – that is, his trousers – tends to be loose rather than form fitting, giving a man of his stature and size the freedom to move, which given his astonishing dexterity, is quite important. His still feels comfort in having a couple of boots on his feet though, and a blue sash around his waist can identify him without having to even see his face. Which is good, for those who don’t want to look up.

Background: Borosel is... odd, as some soldiers go. Old enough to remember – and fight – in the days where Tuffles ruled from advanced cities and Saiyans lived on land that could barely support itself, let alone a civilisation. He fought in that long and hard war against the Tuffles, his fists growing ever bloodier as he punched in face and face, and broke one body after another. He has seen the saiyan race lift itself out of the dirt and rocket out into the stars, only to then be enslaved by a new master. He’s seen new warriors rise and others fall far too quickly, boasting of what great and proud warriors they would become...

It’s part of why Borosel believes in only giving respect to those who can match his fists.

Such was why he decided to become a teacher in the saiyan military, funnily enough. Renowned for being a tough but fair man, whilst Borosel could hardly claim to be the strongest warrior in the world, he certainly had enough skill that he could beat it into his pupils. Few have come to him that he didn’t mold into something greater than they once were – some taking to the change far better than others.
Of course, every now and again, he might want a real challenge that extended outside of examinations and training. In such times, he turned to Celeria, a friend and former combat partner in the war, who had risen to be a commander whilst he was a lowly - if very useful - dreg. He awaited such days eagerly, for the fun they would bring, whilst also making sure the Commander stayed on her toes.

Perhaps it was for that he was chosen to be amongst 200 saiyans to leave the homeworld behind, in the hopes they might escape their planet’s destruction. Whilst the escape went off without so much of a hitch, the matter of long term survival came into play not long after the construction of a colony. Accepting the need to do what was necessary for the survival of his species, Borosel entered cryo-stasis, awaiting the day he might awaken once more...
In fact, should be any day now...

Techniques: Dynamite Kick
Energy Barrier
Exploding Wave
Final Explosion
Power Ball

Theme Song: N/A

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PostSubject: Re: Borosel   Borosel I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 11, 2013 1:33 pm

Love it! We're not sure what to do about the saiyan/Tuffle war - because the canon is very unclear about it - some sources say it was generations and generations before King Vegeta, others say it was a decade or two prior to Frieza finding the saiyans.

But the app is more or less great, so I'll go ahead and approve it! Very Happy

It's SO good to have Borosel in the game!


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