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PostSubject: Meraxa Delwas   Meraxa Delwas I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 11, 2013 10:29 am

Name of your character: Meraxa Delwas

Race: Human

Age: 17

Power level: 10,000

+1 Little Sister:
His Martial Arts Gi:
As If He Can Fly Yet...:

Background: Meraxa's memory of his childhood... isn't really the best, though he remembers a few scant details. His parents were sponsors of capsule corp, and so early childhood was pretty easy. They had money to spare and spent it well on luxuries, filling his life with toys and all the time in the world to enjoy them in a well furbished home. Yet in all truth, half the fun most certainly had to have come from his twin sister, a constant companion in those fond days. The two were similar in physical features and in disposition, with the top priority at any given moment almost certainly being how to have fun. As friends and family go, it was a pretty hard set up to beat, and the two were almost inseparable.

Almost being the key word.

For beyond either's control was the circumstances and legal rights of their parents, who apparently had not bonded quite so successfully as their children. Meraxa had to watch from the seat of a car as he was taken away by his mother to eke out a new life elsewhere. There they met the man who was to become Meraxa's father, a man by the family name of Delwas. At first, the boy resented the man, not seeing the master martial artist that had wooed his mother, but the mindless brute that had 'stolen' her from her 'real' husband. The true complications of parenthood and marriage naturally eluded him at time, and looking back on those days is a small source of shame for him.

Despite the hostility towards the man, Meraxa's foster father welcomed the young lad with open arms, slowly but surely trying to find some way to connect with the lad. Did he like sports? Yes, but mostly the larger ones with teams, and not simple one on one play. What of reading, as the man had quite a collection of texts? Meraxa replied that he could read perfectly well all on his own...
Then what of martial arts?
Meraxa remembers blinking at that one, and then just staring at his foster father... Not out of any form of malice, but more confusion... and eventually, curiosity. Yes... what about martial arts?

What started out as the occasional practice drawn out of boredom, gradually grew into regular training between father and son. Half-hours were once spent simply lifting weights and practicing stances, giving way to hours of sparring and adventures into treacherous terrain. Where once a small boy's fists barely carried a force any greater than a simple slap, a young man's grew to shatter boulders. Training not only strengthened the body, but their bond as well, and where Meraxa's new father once had to hold his arms open long to try and invite the boy in, Meraxa would now merrily leap into their arms to deliver a grateful hug.

What he also grew grateful for was the younger sister that was born to his mother and new father, who they named Aurelia. The little kid would often watch from a distance as her brother and father duked it out, awed and interested, if too young to practice herself. She was younger than her brother by eight years, after all, and her father wished to perfect his technique as a teacher before taking on another pupil. Yet despite his humility in the matter, the man was evidently quite good a master, as by 15 years of age, Meraxa had quickly caught up.

The two could and would match each other blow for blow, with equal power and skill. Meraxa's father would often only win out by a sheer matter of stamina and endurance, waiting for his son to tire out before delivering the final blow. But even this advantage did not last, as eventually, the old man fell to Meraxa's fist. Such was the amazement in the event, that old man Delwas' response... was to take his family to East City in celebration.

This was between one and two years ago. And a pretty terrible case of hindsight.

Meraxa remembers the sight of a building shattering, and the crumbling of a building into dust. The sudden shaking of the ground by two, near-simultaneous impacts, and the curiosity and confusion that came with it. Though the boy did not know it himself, his father had a strange... sense for things, knowing when others were approaching or trying to flee from him, even if he could not see them. And on this day, that sense was telling him that something had come. Some powerful, something terrible. Meraxa's told him to run - run far and fast with his sister. Mr Delwas advanced towards the strange something though - not for it itself, but because his wife had gone that way to check up with old acquaintances as her family explored the town.

Then Meraxa remembers the blinding from behind, and being thrown from his feet by a great and powerful explosion. He remembers being barely alive, clinging to the sister that he had protected from the brunt of the blast. He remembers being so desperate with his numbed senses, that another began to awake..
And he remembers losing the sensation just as quickly, as two great powers flew away unawares...

After that, the Delwas children found themselves in a bit of a mess. Their home was distant and removed from most of civilisation, and they didn't know the way back to it, such had been the length of their journey. They had little money, only a few small spare clothes, and a couple of other items left in the capsule case that Meraxa had on hand for safe keeping - and it did not contain much.
After he had recovered from his injuries, and coming across a wanted poster for a series of looters who had struck it big in the aftermath of the devastation, Meraxa made the choice that would shape he and his sister's life from there on.

The boy became a bounty hunter, hunting down the worst of civilisation for both the benefit of himself and others. Though initial efforts through difficult and trying, the boy found himself soon in possession of a strength he did not believe even his father could have realised was possible. That power has been used to bring down bad guys primarily, but also to let Meraxa test himself against the martial artists of the world - what few can compare - as he travels. He tries his best to survive and ensure a good life for both himself and his sister, for as far he knows, Aurelia is all he has left...

Techniques: Meraxa doesn't really know anything fancy yet, but he might learn these later:

Energy Barrier

Exploding Wave

Eye Lasers



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PostSubject: Re: Meraxa Delwas   Meraxa Delwas I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 11, 2013 12:35 pm

Great app, Mer! Good to have you back! Approved! Very Happy


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