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 The Darkest Star

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PostSubject: Re: The Darkest Star   Wed Mar 11, 2015 12:43 pm

Without urgency, Brokka sauntered through the black waste as tree after tree toppled into the swamp bed. In the distance, he could hear the desperate mewling of the bug species in retreat. Their visceral cries were chilling but pathetic. What type of being hunted so gutlessly only then to turn and run at the first sight of casualty? As the General had previously speculated, their pack mentality and their use of guerrilla warfare revealed that they were a collectivist society. And as such, the way to instill fear into their every fibre was to dominate the many by murdering the few. Over the decades, Brokka had reduced many planets such as this one to flames, and unless his demands were met he would do the same again.  

The General stepped over wild bramble and debris as he entered the heart of the toppled forest. He could see very little, but his scouter highlighted the presence of a large conglomerate of the creatures less than a kilometre ahead. They had stopped fleeing finally, he smirked ear to ear. Suddenly, his scouter ignited, revealing the presence of a scurrying beast in the nearby hedges. Instinctively, he lashed his right arm forward and fired the razor like a javelin. An immediate whaling succeeded his attack, and a crashing sound followed by a brief trembling in the ground indicated that the creature was dead. Too easy! Perhaps this world should have removed his auditory senses too, to make the battle a little more even.

Eventually, Brokka ascended into the shadows of the forest canopy. He surveyed his surroundings briefly to ascertain whether or not an ambush was imminent, but as expected, they had already prepared their surrender. He huffed, this was no training exercise at all! A Saiyan child would be more than sufficient to neutralise this world... A General was simple overkill.  In a last ditched attempt to extract as much blood-play out of the situation as possible, the war veteran played a game of his own.

Brokka dug his fist into the deep gash that one of the beasts had previously made in his breastplate. Then, with little effort he tore his Saiyan regalia in two. Each breast fell away and was swallowed into the black swampy abyss, and his cape gently billowed off on a current of wind. As he hovered in the centre of nothing, bare chested and ready for war, the Saiyan suddenly ignited in a white gold aura similar to a celestial flare. He amped his energy as high as he could, and as his power level climbed, the shadow that bathed the murky surroundings lifted, and the image of Saiyan tearing bug apart was everywhere. Suddenly, however, the cowardly vultures turned their attention to Brokka’s beacon of energy, and hundreds leapt towards him. Some used the trees to bound off of, and others crept across the swamp floor. Soon, however, he was saturated with the beasts, and they all began to absorb his excess energy through an oral medium. They were curious creatures, the General pondered, a malignant grin now rampant on his face.

Whilst his action appeared strange, Brokka was hardly the philanthropic type, and he wasn’t simply giving them his energy. He was, however, aware of the fact that only he possessed enough charge to preoccupy these filthy cowards. Now, whilst predisposed, the General could quickly see to their execution with a simple order.

“On me!” He yelled, his voice bolstered by the energy currently running through his veins. “Kill all of these bastards, they’re exposed!”

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PostSubject: Re: The Darkest Star   Wed Mar 11, 2015 12:56 pm

"Awww yeah, now we're talking!" - Cayenna snarled happily when she saw the creatures flock around the general. Now they were all free game and she was upon them in an instant.

She latched onto one and employed all of her strength until its neck gave way and she tossed the massive head back onto the ground. Where once was the head of the creature, there was the General's face. And he did not look amused. Cayenna winked at him playfully as she jumped and tore into another creature. Chardok was similarly engaged in pulling the creatures down and pummeled them to a fine pulp. It did not take long for the creatures to be positively annihilated as the saiyans came upon them like a pack of hungry wolves. Sooner than Cayenna would like, they had heaped up another pile of alien corpses.

"So..." - she said as she jumped back to the ground - "... can we eat them now, Sir?" She eyed a big meaty piece of muscle as she muttered those words.
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PostSubject: Re: The Darkest Star   Wed Mar 11, 2015 3:48 pm

His energy soared for what felt like an eternity, but in truth he must have only allowed his power to explode for several minutes. In that time, his unit had been able to take full advantage of the beasts entranced state, and they proceeded to cut down the animals one by one. What was perhaps utterly compelling was that Cayenna, the so called sister of Commander Celeria who he had previously killed, was exceptional in close quarter combat. While his energy drained and he preoccupied the bugs, the General was mindful to keep one eye on this private at all times. She was going to be of great use to him in the months to come. After the beasts finally dwindled to single digits, Brokka had to concede that he had sacrificed more energy than he had liked to. He had underestimated the scavengers’ ability to feed on his energy so quickly, and had he lacked his unit he would have had a harder time than he cared to admit. No matter, after all 50% of his full capacity was still far more than these backend creatures could tolerate.

As the last of the beasts fell to his troops, the General descended from the canopy once more. This time, because his aura raged freely everything was visible to the naked eye. Already the grunts were eyeing up the corpses of the bugs, they were the true hunters here. Brokka’s grin intensified at the idea, this was what he relished most about being a Saiyan, the unadulterated desire. As he landed on the murky surface, the General took hold of a limp corpse with a single hand and threw it towards Cayenna.

“Do as you please, I’d say you’ve earned this appetiser after that performance Private.” His vision panned the grimy planet as he spoke, his ever eager eye looking for the chieftain of these primitive hunters. “Continue to impress me and your awards will be bountiful.” He sharply nodded, trading with her only an instant of eye contact. Then, on a whole other note, Brokka addressed the surrounding darkness. “Produce your leader. I’m not in the most patient of moods, I expect you to produce, NOW.” Brokka raised a clenched fist and growled through a gritted jaw.

The silence didn’t last long before a shadowy figure emerged into the light. It was slightly taller than the others, and its frame was thicker and its pincers more formidable. This was undoubtedly the leader.

“Why have you come baring your light which is so tantalising if you will not give it to us, stranger?” This one’s voice was more reverberating than the rest, but it was notably female. “We have fed on residue for too long, your bodies represent a rich source of nourishment...” The beast waved its pincers enticingly.

“I care nothing for your suffering beast, be silent.” Brokka spat through clenched teeth. “I’ve come to you with a deal.”

“A deal... Yet you cut down hundreds of the Yakon? You speak falsely!!!” The tall beast roared.

Unabated by the beast’s tone, the General continued. “The deal is this, beast. Challenge me for supremacy of this world. If you defeat me, then my race will leave this place as the dank piss hole that it is.” Brokka’s onyx orbs dilated as they analysed the perplexed expression on the overgrown bug’s face. “But if I win, then all of your kind must swear their service to me.” He lowered his head menacingly, his smirk returned.

“Then I will rid your tainted light from Dark Star!”

The beast lurched towards Brokka instantly and waved its razors towards his torso. The General, even at 50% capacity however, was still too quick, and managed to dematerialise behind the creature. Then he reached out with his elbow and drove it into the breasts right leg, causing an instant shattering of bone and tissue. Unlike the others though, this one kept fighting, and rebounded on Brokka, issuing another flurry of strikes. But this time, instead of dodging the General deflected the blades with his flat palm, pushing them outwards until the bug’s torso was entirely exposed.

“You absorb energy? Absorb this.” Brokka released a powerful ki blast that seared through the beast’s breast. The force of his blast caused his grey mane to billow wildly behind him, and his bare skin reflected the light from the blast, causing him to glow in a silver hue. The bug on the other hand dimmed, the light fully extinguished from its eyes. Eventually, it fell limp into the swamp in two separate pieces. The General snickered.
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PostSubject: Re: The Darkest Star   Thu Mar 12, 2015 7:08 am

With Brokka lit up like a spaceship's reactor it was child's play to dismember the insectoid troops. Chardok laughed as he saw the General with his newly acquired coat of bugs. "Hey, Cayna, look at that! They are even hungrier than we are!"

Even though it looked like the fight was nearing its end, Chardok broke a sweat and even earned some bruises fighting the things. The long-limbed things had no advantage over the dense-bodied Saiyan, his favourite tactic being an old one of engaging the foe up close. However, they seemed to flit in and out of existence, and it took Chardok a few serious cuts to the face and shoulders to realize that the bugs sucked the very light from in front of his eyes.

"Stop staring like an idiot, Char!" yelled Cayenna, hurling a limp body of one of the insectoids into several of its comrades, sending the entire heap crashing down into a tree, which burst into a cloud of splinters and limbs. Chardok shut his eyes and flared his nostrils. "Ah, there you are, just keep sweating like Bundarks, you overgrown roaches. Mmmm... roast roaches..." Using his nose as a scouter, but mainly just flailing his fists and feet around, Chardok began inflictiong serious pain onto his foes.

After finishing the last of the gangly things with a vicious uppercut that sent its head in a perfect arc ("Beautiful", thought Chardok), the stocky Saiyan turned toward the General. Seeing him challenge the Yakon leader sent a pang of envy through Chardok's spine. "Look at him, all mighty and badass... Why, If I had a chance..."

"Was that you being jealous, Shorty? I never thought you had it in you!" said Cayenna, munching on an arm. "You can always challenge the General if you fell like it!", she said with a grin.

Chardok turned to Cayenna, gesticulating towards Brokka with a half-eaten thorax. Behind him, Brokka continued to smirk as the two halves of the Yakon leader slowly sunk beneath the oily mud. "Of course I'm jealous! That bug looked the tastiest, and now it's fish food", he said, his eyes narrowed to tiny slits. "And he's just letting it go to waste. Does he even eat?"

He burped and, picking his teeth with a shard broken off one of the thing's pincers, casually strolled towards a tree. "All I need now is a good nap. I hope we get a slave each, now we're in charge. I'll call mine Smoky!" He found a relatively dry spot, kicked the remains of a Yakon's corpse away, and slumped down with a thud.
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PostSubject: Re: The Darkest Star   Thu Mar 12, 2015 12:57 pm

"I hear ya." - said Cayenna with a mouthful of bug that Brokka tossed at her. The meat was thick and chewy and not too disgusting so she enjoyed the snack. She eyed the General up and down with Chardok in unison.

"I have no idea, why don't we ask him, eh? HEY SIR, WANNA JOIN IN?" - Cayenna gestured at Brokka, flailing a chunk of meat in her raised arm.

"Slaves would be good." - she ripped out another bite and wolfed it down. "But I ain't letting these slimy things anywhere near me."

She sniffed herself casually. "Eww, I need a bath." She proceeded to sniff Chardok. "Ewwww, you need a bath even more, you filthy rat!" - she laughed as she struck him on the shoulder playfully before devoting her attention back to her meal.

"So General..." - she muttered at Brokka between mouthfuls - "... what do we do now?" She looked up at him from a Yakon bone she was stripping of flesh.
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PostSubject: Re: The Darkest Star   Fri Mar 27, 2015 12:44 pm

A disgruntled gasp travelled through the darkness. The General could feel the cocktail of fear and anger running through the Yakon species, but it did not quell him, it only made him crave further confrontation. He was tempted to keep mowing them down, each of the spineless fools that hid from the galaxy in this intolerable blackness. But his warrior instinct had to cool for the time being, as these beasts were more use to him alive than they were as food. As his team congregated around him, he stood there unresponsively as they all inquired about what would happen next. Eventually, Brokka raised the heel of his boot and dug it into the thigh of the dead Yakon matriarch, until an entire leg broke free of the corpse. Then he picked up a slab of the rough meat and bit into the pulp. It tasted coarse and stringy, but it was sufficient sustenance for now.

“Who is second in command?” He finally uttered through ravenous teeth.

Silence reigned.

“...I will not ask again.” He broke a joint of the flesh into two separate pieces, and started to take bigger mouthfuls.

Eventually another beast emerged from out of the darkness. This one, however, hung low and subserviently. “I can speak for the Yakon now...” Although its voice was scratchy and animalistic, the General could hear the fear trembling on the end of each syllable.

“How many of your species remain?” Brokka dropped a meatless bone into the murky swamp water.

“...The Yakon number is in the... hundreds... now.” The beast kept its head to the ground.

The General pondered on the number for a second before finally responding. “That will be sufficient for your purpose.” He raised his chin and wiped his mouth clean of any residual carcass. “You will militarise your species, do you understand?”

“...Militarise? W-We have not left this world in a generation...” The beast said through a gasp.

“Then I will see to it that you will leave, very soon. And when you do, there will plentiful sources of light for you to consume. All that I demand in return in your complete obedience.” The General’s words were affirmed by his heavy tone.

“...Of course, my masters.”

Brokka held both of his fists together at his torso and he grinned. Now he had acquired one race, he was finally on his way to achieving the Saiyan supremacy that King Vegeta had resoundingly failed to obtain. But first, he needed to know the location of something specific so that finally the Tree of Might could be harvested.

“Your planet, although worthless, possesses a greater than average gravitational field. Your species must have survived for so long by preying on ships that have been caught inside this field. Therefore there must be wreckages here, yes?” He began to pace, his bare chest tensing as he cut through the swamp water.

“...It has all been salvaged master. There is no life left...”

“Life is meaningless to me, I want only the technology. Show us the vessels, they may possess important information.”

The Yakon soon did as instructed, and the Saiyans were led to a series of wreckages. Some of these sights were old PTO frigates, and inside the waste Brokka was able to identify exactly what he was looking for. Three planets, each of them more fertile than the last; on one of these worlds he would surely be able to plant the seed he had acquired so many years ago. Soon, he would become the strongest force in the universe...
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PostSubject: Re: The Darkest Star   

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The Darkest Star
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