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 The Cold Dominion.

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PostSubject: The Cold Dominion.   Sat Apr 10, 2010 10:52 am

The Cold Intergalactic Network is a series of several galaxies containing planets under the control of the Cold family through possession and trade. Not all of the planets in these solar systems are controlled by the PTO (Planet Trade Organisation), but it still formally stands as the ruling power. The planets are organized by numbers, e.g. Planet Frieza #173.

The geography of the planets differs; with planets controlled by Frieza being those with better terrain and more valuable ecosystems, thriving with all kinds of exotic plants and wildlife. The quality of the surrounding planets varies, some are covered with patches of greenery, while others are barren wastelands, offering nothing but air to breathe.

A prominent center of PTO operations is planet Frieza #79. It demonstrates the architectural trend, more or less present on all planets occupied by this organisation. It is heavily guarded and unauthorised access is forbidden.

Planet Frieza #79.
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The Cold Dominion.
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