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PostSubject: Cain   Cain I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 02, 2013 3:45 pm

Name of your character: Cain

Race: Namekian

Age: 18

Power level: 60,000

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A long time ago, a natural disaster wiped out a huge portion of Namekians from Namek and left only a small handful of the once great race alive. Some of the most famous of those survivors were Lord Slug, Guru and the nameless Namekian who would one day use fission to create the evil King Piccolo and his good counterpart Kami. It is believed that all modern Namekians are spawned from these Namekians but too easily do they forget about the Super Namekians.

Before the cataclysm, a sect of Namekians separate from the Warriors and Dragon Clan arose known as Super Namekians. They were known to be very powerful but also very evil and they therefore were banished from their ancestral home. This angered many of the Super Namekians but once they heard of the cataclysm, it seemed that their greatest tragedy became their saving grace. Certain members of the Super Namekians tried to organize an attack in order to retake Namek after the cataclysm but greed and power caused arguments and leadership wouldn't allow itself to be created. Arguments led to infighting. Infighting led to mass slaughter and death. The Super Namekians scattered and basically killed themselves off, their threat never truly realized...

Some however, did survive. One being the evil Brahm. He still held the dream of recreating Namek, and really the Namekian race, in his own design so he decided that he must begin to raise an army. Of course, he'd have to start small, so, he wanted to create his strongest generals and warriors with his own sons. The first to hatch was Cope who would grow to be the toughest. Then there was Kno who proved to be the most cunning. The next was Hum who became the most centered in his ki. Cain became known as the quickest. Lastly, Ohm became known as the wisest and chose to be trained in the ways of the Dragon Clan.

The Family:

Brahm's five children were trained from an early age to be at the height of Namekian strength and ability as well as some of the best martial artists around. He also made sure that they became totally devoted to their father, without the knowledge their father's plans for their future.

The brothers grew close as Brahm took them through the galaxy to various planets for training and to familiarize them with various races for the galactic conquest he had planned for after they would take control of Namek. He also traveled to set up businesses on various worlds to amass an amazing store of wealth so that he could raise an army of mercenaries, robots and androids for his son to command.

His sons truly had no idea what he was planning but his influence swayed each of them to become like him. The only one that could look through their father's shrouded motives was Ohm as his training as a Dragon Clan helped him sense his father's dark heart and, through some snooping, he learned his father's true intentions.

Ohm confronted his father and tried to sway him away from his hopes of war and conquest, but Brahm wouldn't be swayed. He attacked his son and took him to the brink of death, sending him off a cliff. Cain happened to be hunting in the nearby forest on the planet they were on as Ohm was falling and sensed his pain. Sadly, he got there when it was too late. Ohm was beyond healing and dying, but he did have time to tell Cain of everything that their father was planning. Cain actually wasn't sure how he felt about it, but he couldn't let Ohm die since they had grown closer than the other brothers. They decided to fuse together so that part of Ohm could still live on through Cain.

As Cain's power rose, however, Brahm and the others sensed it. They confronted Cain about what had happened, when Brahm was attuned enough to be the only one to sense Ohm inside of Cain. Brahm told the brothers that Cain had killed their brother, knowing that he must be against him now that Ohm's influence was inside him. Cain was now far more powerful than any of them since he had combined his abilities with Ohm, but he couldn't take them all on at once and he wasn't nearly as strong as his father, so he fled.

He was able to lose them in the city and found passage to the first planet he could and decided that he needed to try and start a new life. He knew his father had to be stopped but he wasn't nearly powerful enough to take on him and his brothers. For now, he needed to hide and find allies...on Earth.


Energy Barrier - is both a defensive and an offensive technique. The user charges their ki around them, forming a transparent barrier of either golden or silver energy. This technique can be used to deflect or dampen attacks or it can be used as an offensive attack, damaging the surroundings and opponents it touches.

Eye Lasers - are precise laser-like beams shot from both eyes. The potency of the Eye Laser technique varies, but most of them are very fast and able to nullify weak attacks and small projectiles, as well as cripple opponents and damage other objects. The Eye Lasers can vary in colour from red to a bright blue-tinged white.

Galick Gun - is an energy beam technique which, if powerful enough, is capable of destroying large planets. To utilize it, the user curls his fingers and places both his hands together at chest level facing the same direction (so that the palm of one hand is on the back of the other). Then, once enough ki is gathered, he thrusts both hands forward to fire a powerful blast of energy. The result is a powerful, fuchsia-colored energy beam that emanates from his hands and body.

Multi-Form - also known as the 12 eyes technique or Quadruplication, is a technique in which the user powers up and splits into two, then those two split clones into four. Unlike the Afterimage technique these are tangible clones not just imprints left by speed. The technique’s primary weakness is the fact that it divides the speed and strength of the user by four, thus weakening the user. The user reverts back to the normal state once suffering a significant deal of damage.

Special Beam Cannon - is a powerful energy beam technique. The move is performed by touching the index and middle fingers of one hand to the forehead and charging enough energy to attack. Its speed changes to the power level of the person performing the move. When ready, the fingers are extended forward, the attacker shouts the name of the attack and two thin ki beams are unleashed from the fingers. One remains straight while the other coils around the straight beam. The resulting beam is quite powerful, drilling through most targets, and exploding on the ones it can't. It can also be used with only one arm.

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PostSubject: Re: Cain   Cain I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 03, 2013 7:43 am

This bio is approved, Cain is a fully ledged and ass kicking Namekian member of Shintai. Who knows, he might restore Namek to its once former glory, and have run-ins with the mighty Piccolo!
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