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PostSubject: Cayenna   Cayenna I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 21, 2013 2:00 am

Name of your character: Cayenna

Race: Saiyan.

Power level: N/A (Subject to change according to plot requirements.)

Appearance: Cayenna stands at 5'7". Her body is a shapely unison of an envious amount of muscle definition as well as smooth curves. Her black hair is smooth and long, reaching down to her waistline. Cayenna's facial features much resemble those of her older sister, Celeria - a longer and narrow nose, small albeit full lips, deep, dark eyes and seemingly flawless pale skin. Unlike Celeria, however, Cayenna sports no make up whatsoever.

Her armor is a newer model, with the shoulder pads trimmed to increase flexibility and strengthening coating over the plates. Under the armor, she wears a plain black fully-body suit with white gloves and matching boots. Her only out-of-the-ordinary accessory is a golden armband on her left arm - a family heirloom, of the same make as the jewellery of her elder sister.

Background: Born on Planet Vegeta to a renowned military family, Cayenna's life path was outlined more or less on the day she was born, much like that of her older sister, Celeria. When Cayenna came of age, she would follow in her sister's military footsteps. It wasn't surprising that Cayenna soon managed to pull her own weight and make a name for herself in the military - even landing a spot in the Elite field unit under her sister's command.

However, one thing set Cayenna apart from her sister and, to a great extent, the rest of her family. Even though she had risen to Elite rank, she never cared much about power or influence. From her youth to her prime days working for the PTO, Cayenna just enjoyed being able to run things into the ground. Indeed, she was one of the finest if not the finest close-quarter combat specialist the military had ever seen. As a result, she prefers to meet her targets head-on, rather than relying on ki to get the job done.

Accordingly, Cayenna is very short-tempered, a trait characteristic to every other saiyan. To go one step further, she has a problem with authority. She will follow orders to an extent, but isn't rare for her temper to get the better of her, resulting in outright whimsical and volatile behavior. The only person she has ever managed to follow full-time is Celeria - and even that was because of an intangible feeling of a blood-bond, not because Cayenna was particularly fond of her big sister. On the surface, however, she is remarkably relaxed and enjoy.

Given her role in her team's record performances on the field, Cayenna landed herself a spot on the new saiyan colony. She was glad for the news, not because she particularly cared about dying, but rather because she was eager to win more fights before she herself bites the dust. Maybe even stomp on Frieza's conceited little face.


Dynamite Kick - is a seemingly normal kick. However, once it impacts the opponent, it releases a massive concentration of ki, resulting in a damaging explosion.

Earth Cutting Row - is a powerful, very long blade-like energy beam created with two fingers. Able to slice through anything, when powerful enough, it can split a planet into two halves. It can also be directed at several opponents.

Energy Barrier - is both a defensive and an offensive technique. The user charges their ki around them, forming a transparent barrier of either golden or silver energy. This technique can be used to deflect or dampen attacks or it can be used as an offensive attack, damaging the surroundings and opponents it touches. 

Scatter Shot - is an energy wave technique. It consists of a combination of many energy waves fired at a very rapid rate and guided to the target.

Solar Flare - is a useful defensive technique, mainly used to make a hasty retreat. The technique is performed by the user flying in front of the sun and placing their hands close to the center of their face with the fingers spread toward their eyes. The user then calls out the name and a blinding blue light fires out that blinds everything watching except the user, since they are projecting the light. Because this is simply a flash of light, it will work despite any gap in power between the user and the target.

Theme Song (optional): [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

"She's such a misfit, always ready to brawl
It's like her business, roughing up your friends as the law
There is no difference if you believe you're strong
She's a bulldozer making sure you're flat on the ground

She's like a boomerang that never gives up
She flies in circles till she hits you and you're biting the dust
So just remember this, when she's chasing you down
Face first you'll be thrown onto the proving grounds
She'll knock you out


And as a matter of fact, the best bet one has is to quickly react
to the first attack that's aiming for the bones
cause she'll never pull back and just risk it."
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