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PostSubject: Jezebel- Beliajin   Jezebel- Beliajin I_icon_minitimeTue May 07, 2013 11:29 am

Name of your character: Jezebel Aurelia Tahara, Subject 14C

Race: Beliajin (can regress genetically to Satujin)

Power level: By form, Humanoid= 6,000 Beliajin= 8,000 Satujin= 10,000
NOTE: scouters will often have a reading that fluctuates between 250-380 in her first form. Beliajin form readings fluctuate between 450-680. Satujin form fluctuations show between 650-880.

Appearance: first form-humanoid

Second form-Beliajin

third form-Satujin

Background: Jezza's life was begun by treachery. Her creator, Belial, was cast out by her twin sister Kimi. Belial had declared herself a goddess alongside Kimi as they had rewritten the DNA of their species in order to save them from the ravages of a virus they had created. Belial's work had been the technology that would support their new forms in almost any environment. A disagreement between the sisters Left Belial and all her followers cast from their home to die on a far remote planet (Earth). Belial and her mate Dagon began the slow and horrifying process of rebuilding only to discover the depths of Kimi's betrayal. They had been encoded with an epitaph sequence that would kill them long before their time.

Jezebel was the fourteenth in the C series clones made to save the lives of Belial and her subjects. By way of transferring their consciousness and memories into the implanted technologies the Beliajin rogues could be reborn and escape the fate that had been left to them. After several episodes in which 14C demonstrated a passionate desire for freedom and choice she was ordered to be destroyed. Stubborn as she was 14C would not allow such a thing and took control over another project, 12B, who was far more powerful and a violent berserker. 12B was instructed by 14C to release the other creations and once freed they rose up in bloody mutiny, destroying the ones they had been created to save.

Dagon was the only one to survive the systematic slaughter under 14C's command. 14C told the other clones to seek their freedom as they would. She did not understand that doing so would kill them. After they had scattered they died slowly from lack of proper maintenance to their implanted structures. Learning of her folly under Dagon's gentle counsel 14C began looking for a way to save 12B whom had become deeply attached to her. Unfortunately, 12B had to be put in permanent stasis due to his own genetic flaws. Dagon expired shortly after.

14C took the name Jezebel Aurelia Tahara and began toiling to save herself from the same genetic flaws that had almost destroyed 12B. On the brink of her own destruction she succeeded where the others had failed and preserved herself. The same cure could never work on 12B however and so she began expanding her natural abilities as well as her knowledge of genetics and machines. Over a long time she has gained a near mastery of her innate ability to shape and form metal with her ki. She has spent long years alone restoring, redesigning, and creating marvels of technology with her abilities. She now calls herself the goddess of Perfection and Pain, the Mother of Machines.


NOTE: An ability that is unique to the Beliajin and Satujin, technomancy, is their natural ability to shape metal with their ki and even absorb it into their physical being, making them very hardy. To shape metal they must first touch it. How much metal they can affect in this fashion varies depending on their strength and focus. Alternatively they can infuse metal they have touched with their own ki to create machines and technology at will but this process can be very draining and requires focus to keep together unless shaped so that it can last beyond the Beliajin's immediate use. Most technology formed in this fashion falls apart uselessly the moment physical contact is severed. Once a Beliajin has shaped or infused metal with their ki it responds to further manipulation more readily even after it has fallen apart from previous use. This is why Jezza prefers to keep her own metal with her as much as possible.

Telekinesis - is a technique that allows the user to manipulate objects and other people with the power of their mind.

Telepathy - is a way to communicate with others using one's mind.

Technomancy- Technomancy is an art Jezebel has perfected over many years. Using ki and her natural ability to absorb and shape metal with her body's biology she can create and power many fantastical forms of technology. She can also use it to connect to existing technologies and download data into her body's integrated computer system but she is easily susceptible to virus and malware programs.

Metal Merging- This is a racial ability all Beliajin possess. Jezebel is capable of absorbing and shaping metal into her natural form. She residually collects metal through her skin by touching it. This effect can be negated simply by keeping her skin covered.

Electric Osmosis- This is a very particular skill Jezebel has learned to keep herself alive when her energy is running low or a machine takes more power than she has to continue running safely on her own. It allows her to absorb electrical energy from any source and use it to pad her own power level but it can only done temporarily and with deficits to her health. If she takes in extra energy equal to or higher than a 1000 PL she damages her body and must repair herself. If Jezebel does not shed any excess energy above her normal PL she will take residual damage until it is expended.

Theme Song (optional): Terrible things- April Smith

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In the birth cry of the cosmos, the twin eyes awake
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The forests they flourish, the towers grow high
The four lights shine down, chaos withers and dies
But imbalance grows, forests turn dark
This is our doom, the tower breaks the sky;
Here come the dragons to bring it down...
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PostSubject: Re: Jezebel- Beliajin   Jezebel- Beliajin I_icon_minitimeWed May 08, 2013 1:09 pm

Ikolo, Jez is of course approved! I wait in anticipation of the dastardly and wicked things she might very well get up to! The excitement of it all. Smile
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Jezebel- Beliajin
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