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PostSubject: Kenji   Kenji I_icon_minitimeFri May 03, 2013 8:52 am

Name of your character: Lure Kenji

[Note: Name is Backwards, like Son Goku]

Race: Human

Power level: 10,000

Appearance: Kenji is a 14 year old boy with Blonde Curly Hair and Blue Eyes. He wears an Orange Headband around his head. He is a tall kid, who wears a homemade outfit, consisting of a white shirt, a black vest, and green shorts. Usually, he carries a small Arrow barrel on his back, with a wooden bow to go along with it. He also bears a small black wrist band on his right wrist.

Background: Kenji is the son of a hero named Lure Dalton. Dalton was a hero to a small region of villages in a faraway mountain range, and was a master of the Bow. He was a hero, because he protect the whole mountains from every bandit raid they've had, but his heroism never spread past the mountains. However, his son, Kenji, for an unknown reason, was left in the care of a friend named Raidon, a Ranger who protected a Forest that he lived in. Raidon taught Kenji everything he knew; about life, nature, and how to use the Bow and hunt. Kenji quickly mastered the bow, but needed work in the field of fighting. Raidon quickly discovered he was forming the ability to use Energy Attacks. One day, Kenji accidently drank from a stream of black water, and he suddenly deveolped fast speed reflexes. Raidon looked and found it to be apart of the legendary "Shadow Fountain", which gives the drinker "extended reflexes". When Kenji was only 8, Raidon had to leave, sensing danger in another land, and wanting to go help. He left Kenji to defend the forest.

Kenji learned to survive on his own. As he became a teenager, he became arrogant, and quick tempered. He often pretended to be a Ranger, and loved hunting with his bow, and taunting other creatures. He began to question why is father left him, and started to get hateful thoughts about him, but wondered where Raidon went since he never came back. He remembered reading a paper article about a boy named Goku who defeated an alien tyrant named King Piccolo, and wished that someday he could meet Goku, hence he keeps the article in his tree-house.

One Day, he found something in a stream: The Two-Star Dragon Ball. He was then approached by a boy named Hitrai, who had already found six of the other Dragon Balls. Hitrai asked Kenji for his Two-Star, so he can use the Dragon's whish to heal his friend, after he was injured in an acident. Kenji agreed, and allowed him to call fourth Shenron. Kenji saw the dragon, and witnessed the wish. When the deed was done, Kenji was amazed beyond belief. Kenji decided that when the year would pass, he would look for the Dragon Balls himself. He declined Hitrai's offer to live in civilization, and wanted to wait another year to see if Raidon came back.

Of Course, he never did. But in the year since Hitrai's wish, Kenji had gotten better and better at close combat fighting. He eventually got the hang of the Dynamite Kick, but wonders what more he could use for his bow. Kenji may seem outgoing, happy and friendly from living in the woods, but he is what you would expect from a teenager who is out of the ordinary.

With the year finally on, Kenji now makes it his goal to find the Seven Dragon Balls, leaving his Tree-House behind. He knows that nothing will stand in his way; he'll get what he wants no matter what.

Techniques: Dyamite Kick, Masenko, Final Flash, Kamehameha, Telepathy

Theme Song (optional): "I Am All of Me" by Crush 40
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